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Advertising & Publicity

Business Information Network, Inc. - helps associations disseminate information to members and to the public, abets communications, does image enhancement, etc. Infosystems consulting, development and deployment.
Colle & McVoy. Advertising. And how. I think this is the first time I've seen the netscape animation capability used to display subliminal messages. Great presentation.
Hanson-Dodge. Catalogs, point of sale, packaging, Web-services, "identity".
Herring-Newman. Wild and wacky in Seattle.
Jacobson-Rost. Advertising for several large national clients. They can probably do a fine job for you too!
Trader's Connection . A classified ad database! Lots of other services too.
Waggener Edstrom. A west-coast public relations and advertising firm, with an impressive client-list.

Support & Integration
Logix Development Corporation offers centralized call-center services to customers. Customer-service representatives can be greatly assisted by their prompting and databasing system.

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