General Agriculture

Golden Harvest.

Growing Conifers From Seeds.

Farming Equipment & Tools

Case Agricultural Equipment.
A very nice line-up of agricultural equipment including tillers, harvesters, tractors, product handlers, crop production equipment, etc.
John Deere & Company.
Surely you've heard of them! The have quite a line of agricultural products and tools, from tractors to tillers to combines to balers to... face it they've got a huge and versatile product line.
Haying Mantis.
A Hay-handling system.

Agricultural Specialty & Supplies

Primarily serving Canada, " AgrEvo crop protection products provide control of major weeds and insects in wheat, canola, barley and many other crops. "
The Bug Store.
A variety of green-friendly predator insects, etc.
Purina Mills, Inc.
A wide variety of feeds for almost any conceivable animal.

Management Specialties

Vertical Solutions, Inc. has a line of specialty agribusiness software for such things as cattle managements, etc.

United States:
United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture.
United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
California District BLM.
New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas District BLM.

Argentinian Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food.


Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.
The mission of the CGIAR is to contribute, through its research, to promoting sustainable agriculture for food security in the developing countries.

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Agriculture and Farming

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