Copyright (c) (copr) 1997 all rights reserved by TJH Internet SP and Earth Operations Central. All comments are strictly my unsupported opinion unless based upon promotional blurb extracted from the websites linked herein. This is by no means an exhaustive nor definitive list, and no particular recommendation nor assurance of solvency or utility is to be inferred from a listing herein.

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Analysis & Data-mining

Dun & Bradstreet.

Expert Systems

MultiLogic, Inc. Expert systems, primarily for internet/intranet development, but also multiple-database clients, etc.
Parallogic Inc. Enterpise data systems, data-warehousing, "business intelligence systems", "knowledge management" (not entirely dissimilar to "Earth Operations Central"!) and further - High-Performance Platform Selection studies, and Health-Care Information Systems Audits. If they're half as good as they say they are, they're quite a resource.

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