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Many people view banks as simply places that you keep your money, or beg for a loan. But they're so much more! Without large reserves of capital to lend to investors, capitalism as we know it would not be such a flourishing industry. I personally know next to nothing about finance, so I will simply list a variety of links, and hopefully these nice bankers will tell you why you should have dealings with them.

This is by no means an exhaustive nor definitive list, and no particular recommendation nor assurance of solvency or utility is to be inferred from a listing herein.

US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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Bank of America. Moving to be a leader in online banking.
BanaMex. Actually the "Grupo Financiero Banamex Accival. This is their English-language page.
Citibank. Big Money.
Credit Suisse. Very international!
Long Island Savings Bank.
Wells Fargo. Online Banking. Now if the security is up to speed, I think I'm going to have to totally blow off Nationsbank. I'm not too sure, though, that I like the idea of giving an outside source authority to delete any files from my harddrive, which is one of their advertised security features, nor do I like the idea of using your social security number as an account ID. Still, it's a start; the Internet can't really take off until it's a safe and easy way to pay.

Electronic Access Tools and Companies

Braun, Simmons & Co provide software tools for electronic and home banking. An Information engineering company.
Diebold. Manufacturers of ATM, bank security equipment, advanced card-access systems for banking and medicine.
Intuit, Inc. These are the folks who brought you Quicken and other financial management software. I predict that their personal financial software systems, bookkeeping and checkwriting systems will soon become the de-facto basis for a backdoor/homegrown approach to cybernetic banking, allowing for the greater part a complete bypassing of the mainstream Federal Banking system.
Schlumberger's World of Smart Cards.

See also the Investment and International Development Page.
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