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United States Department of the Treasury.

Primarily software tools for data-exploration and data-mining.
Also marketing and public-relations.
Consumer or production electronics relating to sight and sound.
Banking (primarily US).
Computing MetaIndex Page.
Consulting Firms.
Primarily Business Information Technology.
Building, Site Emplacement, etc. Also references Engineering.
Deliveries and Freight.
Employment, Career & Executive Placement.
Energy Production, Distribution & Research.
Primarily regional Power & Light companies. See also the Regions of North America.
Federal Vendors, primarily non-military.
Foundries, Manufacturing, Refineries.
Investments and the Markets.
Connectivity, parts, software, specialized/dedicated internet/intranet, corporate LAN/WAN.
Business Solutions - InterNetWorked.
Employment, Career, Executive Placement.
Law Firms.
Management and Administration Services.
Generic Enterprise Enhancement, or across-the-board business solutions.
Federal Vendors, primarily military. See also the Military and Military Preparedness pages.
Parts Houses.
Vendors of hardware and firmware for various industries, primarily communications.
Professional Software.
Development, Integration, Legacy-systems, Network-administration, Programmers' tools, etc.
Real Estate and Property.
Departments Stores, etc.
TransNational Corporate
by region.

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Earth Operations Central Business MetaIndex

The business of business is, well, making money. There's all sorts of ways you can do that, I suppose. I'm trying to get together a large set of quick-reference pages categorized largely by main area of service. Anyway, I got tired of people complaining that they got lost. It's a big site. Since I've already got far too many pages for me to be able to readily pick a proper page without browsing them all, an index is in order, and here it is.

Note that while I get all of this sorted out there might be occasional links which could take you to places that neither you nor I expected.

You might want to take a look at this page for Tax Analysts.

What's left of the original Corporate Monoliths Page is here.

Please note that I am not doing exhaustive and directed research trying to compile exhaustive lists (well, not usually). I am simply examining my stats page and return-hitting everyone who hits me. If it's a business site and can be fit onto any existing page, it gets listed. If there's no extant page for some new specialty, I usually create a new page. If I can ever figure out exactly what my criteria are, I'll try to automate the process, but for now, I'm actually looking at the sites and categorizing them by hand.

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