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Not exactly in alphabetical order. All comments are merely my unsupported opinion unless based on their promotional copy contained the the sites linked herein.

This page is for corporations which are so diversified or global as to defy easy categorization. Some people are getting tired of getting lost in the maze of interlinkages I have developed. I guess some folks can't appreciate a floating-form metaindex, and probably can't surf real oceans all that well either <grin>. For those individuals locked into a linear mindset, there is now a top-down Business Categories Meta-Index Page. This also helps to combine several duplicate entries.

All Internetworking and Connectivity providers have been moved to the InterNetWorking Page, except where they have larger subsidiaries not primarily concerned with data-internetworking. Please take a look at the InterNetWorking Page.

Earth Operations Central Business Meta-Index Page.
Investment, Banking and Development.
Law Firms.
Real Estate and Property.
InterNetworking. Some of the most prominent corporations are listed below. If you don't see them there, follow this link.
Graphics, Imaging, Modelling and Sensing. This page references remote sensing/imaging, modelling and instrumentation.
Parts Houses. Cards, ICs, IC design software.
The world, as has been said, pivots upon an axis which is greased by cash. It's also been said, follow the money. Here's some of it, in no particular order just yet.

US-Based Transnationals and Homegrown
American Information Systems. A huge internet provider, lots of content.
APCO Associates Inc., an international Public-Affairs firm. Issues management, government relations, grass-roots campaigns, international marketing and research, etc
Applied 3D. A CAD/CAM/NCC consortium.
Ashland, Inc. Petrochemicals and Automotive manufacturer.
Autometric, Inc. Visualization, Modelling, and Simulation.
The Boeing Co. They make airplanes. Big ones. Lots of big ones.
Brite Voice Systems. Speech Recognition and other voice-interactive products and systems.
BASF Corporation. If I remember right, these are the people who developed magnetic recording tape and a whole host of other technical innovations.
Chevron. Petroleum production, refining, and distribution.
Deere & Company. Great riding mowers, tractors, forklifts and other things. You might be surprised; take a look.
Digital Equipment Corporation. Tough call on this one; Digital runs the Altavista Web Index Engine, which is one of the crowning achievements of artificial stupidity, which as we all know is the essential and necessary precursor to artificial intelligence. This system has everything indexed, but so far as I can tell, it doesn't really relate things to other things that well. Can't be long though, Digital produces some of the finest midframes in the business, and their Alpha 64-bit machines are reputedly about the best thing you could have sitting under your desk. But unfortunately, they also make the much-reviled VAX and related software, which allows very good computing but unfortunately drives all of their operators into one or another form of complete madness (grin, that's a joke, son).
DuPont. Better things for better living. This global chemicals and manufacturing company brought you Teflon (tm)(r), among other things. Always a world leader in polymer chemistry.
Ford Motor Company. Among other things, they make automobiles.
General Analytics. Not really sure.
General Electric. You may have heard of them.
GeoWorks. They are leading the way in graphic user-interface operating systems Personal Digital Assistants. Check out their GEOS page; this is another facet of the future that you want to keep your eye on and your money in.
GPU, the holding company for some huge Northeastern Electrical generation facilities, among other things.
Hewlett-Packard. I can think of few finer companies than Hewlett-Packard. They've been leading the way in electronics and especially in large-scale-integration since the inception of the discipline. They make probably the best laser-printers in the world. They've been driving the leading edge for a long time. These are the guys that the rest of the world copies. Buy their stock and do it right now. And they make a wonderful little beltcom.
Herring-Newman. Advertising! Hmmm, maybe I can get a job. Naaah, I got no imagination and am about as creative as a lump of shelf-fungus growing on a dead log. Besides, I have absolutely no ways with words.
This link will stay right next to the ad agency links. they should be talking to each other very very closely. Take a look at Inktomi. This might be a good place to drop a few bucks.
Intel. These are the guys who started the whole Microprocessor revolution. As I recall, their 8088 chip was originally intended to provide a little intelligence for dumb terminals, and wound up turning the whole dataprocessing industry on its head.
Innolog Corporation. I have no earthly idea. Blank page... I'll have to check back later.
McAfee. World leader in PC virus-protection.
Microsystems Software. They make access-control software to keep kids off of the Internet. They also have a nice line of software products for the disabled!
Monsanto Corp. Fibers, Crop Protection, Searle Pharmaceuticals, Ortho Insecticides.
Motorola. One of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of semiconductors, wireless communications products, electronics systems, etc. A very big and very reputable company.
National Information Systems Unix Industry Homepage. Home of the Accent Server.
Newbridge Corp. ATM, LAN and WAN solutions. Very multinational.
Nichols Research Corporation. Optics, sensors, and video, primarily for military and government.
Northrup-Grumman. Very big in military aviation, defense electronics, and civilian aviation.
Oracle. A leader (some would say the standards-setter) in information storage, retrieval, and management. Also, please see their new Networked Computer pages, and then go read my new novel.
PRC/Litton. A large systems and software integrations division of Litton Industries, these folks do a lot of government contracting. They have a sensible approach to supplying the government with its future needs. Take a look at their Super-Mini page!
Rohm & Haas makes a wide variety of polymers and monomers, agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceutical precursors.
Slumberger. Management, Measurement, Communications and Remote Sensing.
SRI, Inc., does lots of systems and artificial-intelligence research, development and support, among other things. They also have an intersting biopharmaceuticals division.
Sun Microsystems. These are, in my estimation, the people who really made the internet happen. They've led the way in workstations, inventing the concept, I do believe, and if you want raw blistering affordable processing power, you can't go wrong with a Sun Micro product. They invented the JAVA language, among other things, and between Java, Solaris and their new ULTRASparc workstations, Sun Micro is a sure bet for being the next blue-chip standard by which others are judged. And they have a butt-kicking Java page located off of the above-cited URL.
Sybase makes products for generation, manipulation and maintenance of "data warehouses", immense databases, etc.
Texas Instruments. Right up there with Hewlett-Packard in the forefront of the digital revolution. They made some of the first affordable calculators and digital wristwatches. They nearly went bust as a result of a premature entry into the personal computer market. They now, as they say, mostly concentrate on the technology building blocks and systems that will bring life to the digital revolution.
United Technologies. Subsidiaries include Otis, the elevator people; Pratt & Whitney; Carrier; Sikorsky; and Hamilton Standard. An industry giant.
Unicom. Parent corporation of Commonwealth Edison, among other things. They supply the electricity to Chicago, among other things.
Unocal. Oil, chemicals, 76-brand gasoline and automotive products, geothermal power, etc.
Western Atlas. I have no idea. But this is an amazing little page if you like Java!
Xerox Business Systems Canadian. Xerox may well have been the first proper noun to be 'verbed' in the English language. Whatever else might be said about them, they're certainly the world's foremost name in document reproduction and should soon be the foremost firm in document generation systems. A clear leader on the forefront of the technological and information revolutions. Also please see their Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Project pages. PARC, by the way, probably has more brainpower floating around than you ever imagined could work for a copier company.

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