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Architects and Design Consultants & Firms

Bechtel Group. Bechtel does very large-scale engineering, systems integration, etc. They've built quite a few very large structures, and their specialty is probably best described as making grand visions a reality. Things like nuclear powerplants, hydroelectric generation, chemical-processing facilities, their resume includes it all.
Clark Deitz, Inc. Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin.
HDR, Inc a holding company for Henningson, Durham & Richardson, Inc., HDR Engineering, Inc. and HDR Project Development Services, Inc.


J.E. Dunn Construction Company. Mostly works in the Midwest. Mostly institutional, commerical and industrial.
Construction Engineering

Online Civil Engineering Resources -
Engineering News-Record

Equipment and Technologies -
Case Construction Equipment. Crawlers, 'dozers, rough terrain forklifts, excavators, skid lifts, ditch trenchers, you name it they've got it, I think.
Caterpillar. If it's got treads, Caterpillar makes it, and lots of other neat things too.

Consulting Engineers
Ove Arup & Partners. "We are an international firm of consulting engineers. We provide engineering design, planning and project management services in every field related to civil, industrial and building works. We offer every engineering discipline as well as specialist consultancies in related fields." This is a large firm, global in scope. Please take a look at their Business Areas pages.

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