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I Only Want to Scare You Insane

Misery loves company. True horror is often inspired by a simple inability to be able to discern what is external and real, and what is a product of the mind or the perceptions. Art, it is said, lies in the ability to not merely place lines on paper, but to blur those lines in the minds of the viewer.

I wrote a novel, a few, actually. You might have read some excerpts. I decided that for my first novel, I was going to try to break new ground. I decided that I was going to write a very heavily cultural-anthropology-based cyberpunk SF story about vampires. As you might imagine, this took me a while to do. I am not at all sure I managed to pull it off. In trying to be original in a genre so cliche-laden as to be practically laughable, I decided that I would work from the proposition that vampires are essentially human beings, or at least no more supernatural than Cro-Magnon Man seemed to the Neandertal.. If you want supernatural stuff, you might try elsewhere. There are enough amazingly frightening things in this world that are inarguably real. Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy or Adolph Hitler might be considered examples of such real scary monsters. You might also wish to look into such families as Kansas' bloody Benders.

Keep in mind that this novel is fiction, and it's supposed to be scary fiction. The intent is to suspend disbelief, and if at all possible to induce paranoia. One of the goals of the serious horror writer is to create a lingering dread that remains long after the novel is finished, and if I manage to produce that, I have succeeded in my work. If, of course, I fail to suspend disbelief, and the reader falls out of their chair laughing, well, maybe I should switch to writing comedy. Be advised that this story line is in severe danger of being very dated. Maybe some revision is in order.

I might also add that this work has absolutely nothing to do with any role-playing games, and so far as I know, this is in no way a deriviative work.

Under 21 Warning

This novel contains scenes of graphic violence, intense horror, and occasional (hopefully tastefully done) sex acts. It is not intended to be prurient in nature, but be advised that there are places where I simply cannot mince words and convey the point. This is not intended for children.

In Darkness' District. copyright 1992 by T.J. Hardman, Jr. all rights reserved.

HTML version, copyright 1995 by T.J. Hardman, Jr. all rights reserved. GIF art copyright 1998, all rights reserved.

The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any real persons is purely coincidental, and entirely a product of the author's imagination. Some use is made of existing locales, landmarks and institutions, but this use is fictional in nature and intent, and is not to be misconstrued as an attempt to disparage nor to recommend.

In Darkness' District is available in either electronic or Trade Paperback format here.

If you want to read it online, please do! But if you want a paper copy, use the link above. It will cost you a lot less to get it delivered to you than to print it out yourself, and you also won't violate my copyright.

Beware the allegory.
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