TJH Internet SP hereby proposes to provide the Government of the District of Columbia with the Linux Operating System, as a public service and as a cost-saving measure for the City of Washington.

We will provide this software on a 1.2 gigabyte harddrive, which will be a donation free and clear, which extends no obligation to the Government of the District of Columbia (hereafter referred to as "the City").

We will install this harddrive onto the computer of the City's choice, provided that the computer be a personal computer of "Intel Architecture", processor class 386, 486, Pentium, or Pentium II, and with a motherboard equipped with EIDE (enhanced IDE) adapter, a modem, and an ethernet card which is fully NE2000 compatible. If no telephone dial-out is desired, no modem need be supplied. If desired, a second NE2000-compliant card may be supplied and the device may be set up as a "firewall" or SOCK5-transparent-proxy/ "masqueradeable" device bridging between the intranet and the InterNet. The computer provided by the City must also have an SVGA color monitor, and a non-AGP graphics interface card, and a "mouse".

[ EIDE is standard on-the-board on most modern PCs, a modem and ethernet card together should cost no more than $100.00. ]

An example listing of hardware known to work with Linux is viewable here.

We will then, using information provided by the City's network manager, do such configuration as is required to:

This computer will then be possessed of a complete "Slackware3.1" distribution, which is about 200 megabytes worth of software.

This computer will also include the software and the source-code for:

In addition to the applications specified above, there will of course be several text editors, ranging from the easy-to-use "joe's own editor" ('joe'), through the powerful and useful 'nedit'. Besides the powerful, industry-standard 'sendmail' InterNet mail delivery system, there will also be a "post-office protocol" (POP3) server, and the powerful 'pine' mail- and news-reader.

Literally hundreds of other applications, most of which are primarily of interest to programmers or system-administrators, are included.

We wish to point out that Linux has no Year 2000 problems.

Linux is well-supported in the academic and government communities, and is very scalable.

We also wish to point out that this free operating system may be freely copied, includes all source code, and is intended to be a generic system easily cloned to serve most, if not all, of the computing needs of the Government of the District of Columbia for the forseeable future, at least until well beyond the Year 2000.

TJH Internet Sole Propriety is:

TJH Internet SP
(Company Address provided only to legitimate DC Government inquiries, we're already on the Bidders' List.) We have over five years experience in maintaining a Linux internet server, registered with the InterNIC as