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2003 February 20 -- We have basically abandoned this page. However, as the phoenix rises from the ashes, we got tired and another citizen got outraged and is taking it to the InterNet: Please see the commendable pages at SafeStreetsDC.

Let this be a lesson to the folks down in the District, and also to the things from the suburbs who rely on a broken District to let them get away with murder: There is always someone watching you.

Here's a good local-interest Blog: DCist.

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The Japanese Cherry Trees.

Welcome to the Nation's Capital!
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Welcome to Washington. You've always wanted to come here, and now here you are! Or maybe you're here.

SECTION 8 The Congress shall have Power .... (17)To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;


(18) To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

      - Constitution of the United States, Article I

Late August, 2001

To all intents and purposes, I am done. I've had it. The District will do just fine on its own, I have no doubts. Other things are now of much greater concern to me. While I've been wasting time on the District, Central America has been Invading. I will continue to run my search engines across sites dealing with the District, if you want opinions and suggestions, the search engines will direct you to opinions and suggestions. This site will remain as an archive and probably as an historical curiousity. If anything sufficiently interesting develops, I'll put it on a new page which will also be conveniently named "district.html". I just don't have the energy to devote to this anymore, nor do I really see the need: if Washington can't control the borders, the District will be a well-dressed paper tiger ruling over a non-nation, and populated by fools Inside the Beltway selling out the desires of the vast majority of the American People, just so they can have low-wage maids and gardeners and live in cheap luxury downtown while the rest of us wish we spoke Spanish so we could get any job at all. It's really difficult to muster any patriotic feeling any longer. Washington DC is, in every way on every day, getting better and better: and I Just Don't Care.

September 11, 2001

Subsequent to the destruction of the New York World Trade Center buildings by collision with hijacked commercial airliners, the Pentagon has also been hit by a commercial airliner.

Capitol Hill is evacuated and locked down. Federal workers are generally ordered to not report to their offices and to leave for home. Parking garages downtown are being emptied. All public attractions are ordered closed.

Tensions are high, no claims of responsibility are known to have been issued. No estimation of loss of life have been issued, but there are large numbers of casualties. Blood donors are requested to call 1-800-SAVE-LIVES.

All elements of the elected government are reported to have been evacuated and are reported safe. No further information regarding security measures is available or will be made available by us.

A "State of Emergency" in the District of Columbia has been declared by Mayor Anthony A. Williams. All citizens are requested to remain in their homes unless on essential business. National Guard will probably be raised.


We have stated before that we were no longer much interested in reporting the minutae of District Governance -- and insofar as such reporting might tend to provide information as to exploitable weak-points to enemies, we are even less interested. However, some things are simply too interesting to pass over, and as we continue to be Moving Right Along, we will remark in passing on a variety of subjects, which you may possibly research in a variety of other local publications. And so:

According to a rather extensive survey, there are some 60,000 addicts in the District, with about 10-percent of District residents being addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. The Mayor states that he wishes to reduce this to no more than 25,000 by 2005.


The District will, quite understandably, begin increased towing of abandoned and junked vehicles, and will -- also understandably -- begin a much tighter auditing of the paperwork involved. We recommend coordination -- if possible or sensible -- of abandoned/junked vehicle towings with information sharing between the District and other agencies.

2002 January 16

I probably will not be updating this page much in the future. I may try to get out into the neighborhoods and see if I can get a good enough feel for the District so as to be able to revise my various neighborhood pages, without seeming totally prejudicial. This last may be very difficult -- in recent visits to the District, I felt myself to be actively rejected by the city, hardly surprising given the present conditions of military readiness. I might add that I would not -- in any way -- wish to so much as appear to be giving out intelligence which could be useful to the enemies of the United States and its Constitution (as amended). However, this reluctance to release, to the global InterNet, information which could benefit the foreign enemies of the Constitution, must be opposed by the absolute necessity to keep the District exposed to the light of day, to protect the citizens of this great and powerful nation from their powerful, but often not-so-great, government. I wish to assure all readers that my loyalty to the US -- and particularly to the Constitution -- is unswerving, and none should question my loyalty to the people of these great United States. But I must also remind astute readers that a Darkness had settled over town in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and among other results was the near collapse of the District about 1995, necessitating a Federal oversight, which has now ended.

It seems that once again, Darkness gathers close upon the heels of fleeing Day, and it seems that once again, I may have to document -- if only in a rather overextended allegory -- the descent of the bellwether of Western Civilization into a fogged and dismal Night.

I'll try to bring people up to speed over the next few days, or weeks, or months, so long as I last before I am once again forced to bail out of my hometown to escape the Carpetbaggers, their Coat-tail Riders, and the Things That Come to Washington When Peace and Justice are Out of Town.

In the meantime, please use the search engine embedded in this page; I am running it at a fairly high personal expense and wish it would benefit someone. It searches all known District Government websites, and most of the informed and timely local-politics commentary websites.

2002 February 23

Greetings, just a short message to bring people up to date on a few matters.

The Washington Monument has finally re-opened to the touring public after several years of renovation. Visitors should be advised that they will have to pass through security checkpoints which have been described as "about the same as at airports". If you have bags or backpacks, they will be searched.

Changes in public health policy within the several years are credited with a massive drop in the District's rates of infant mortality. Once among the highest in the nation -- in 1990, it was 2.3 percent -- the District's 1999 rate of 1.5 percent was down to 1.19 percent in 2000. while still above the national averages, this is the lowest rate since the District has been keeping records.

The District's birth rate is up slightly, as well; in 1999, District residents had some 7513 births and in 2000, some 7666, an increase of about 2 percent.

Surrounding counties also experienced significant drops in infant mortality.

The Region is still in the grip of a very difficult winter drought. Reservoirs across the region are very nearly emptied. Stream flows are extremely slight. Voluntary water-usage restrictions are in place in most areas, and mandatory restrictions may soon follow. Ordinarily this is a very wet region, yet this winter has been one of the warmest and driest on record. The Maryland water-table, for instance, is said to be declining at the rate of about a foot per year, as expanding suburbia and industry alike are said to be "mining the aquifer". We didn't get our usual fall hurricane-leftovers, and the expected light snows of January and February were scant in the case of January and so far in February nonexistant. Rather, we have had bulb flowers such as "snowdrops" emerging in late January, crocus are blooming now. The expected blooms of the Cherry blossoms are uncertain as to timing, some few trees had blossomed slightly some week or two ago, and the remaining blossom buds are said to be "ready to pop".

2002 February 27

Noted In Passing: The Washington Post has completed a year-long investigation of the progress of District Revitalization. After a decade, after $100 milllions of dollars from the District and Federal governments, of some 200 restoration/revitalization projects dedicated to "community development corporations" ("CDCs"), only 70 have been completed. Many have not even been begun, and many of those are the largest projects which were considered to be the essential centerpieces of Revitalization efforts. Our hats are off to the diligent, intrepid, and -- for the District -- astonishingly honest reporters at the Post, and moreso to the editors and publishers of that journal.

It would appear that the Barry-Cronies(tm) Administration never was disempowered, they just raked it off under the name of "community development corporations". While a few CDC have in fact been exemplary in their performance, it would appear that for the most part, it has simply been the corrupt hiding behind the skirts of the clueless.

Please see these truly excellent Post articles:

Thanks again for getting your insight on the District from a name you can trust, Earth Operations Central. This is 'klaatu' signing off.

Please visit the Old Cemetery off of Old Baltimore Road, near Twinbrook, in Rockville Maryland. It's very Gothic.

Please visit The Trash Force. Cleaning up our Homeworld, starting with the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region.

As always, my thanks to the fine staff of The Washington Post for their diligence and forthrightness in reporting District issues.

Please search the Post for their previous coverages of:
Police Department Mismanagement
Control Board Coverage.

I'm also starting a page for the " other real Washington" - not necessarily the good parts, but the fun parts.

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