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Real Washingtonia

To find things and places, try The Washington DC Motorcade. A neat little search engine, just say where you're headed and it'll tell you what's along the way.

Dining, Coffee, and Nightspots

Cafe Myth.
Located in Georgetown, and slightly pricey, this is a Internet Cafe and Restaurant.
Youth Scenes

Please see:

Atticus Used Books & Music.
Hip, happening, literate. Not what you'd expect from the looking at the rest rest of Washington. This is the modern version of what Washington used to be.
DC ArtBeat. Local artists and musicians promoting multimedia experiences.
DC harDCcore - punk, do-it-yourself, Rave, you name it. This is totally happening.
DC Food Not Bombs. Collecting almost-outdated produce, and feeding homeless and impoverished people, and providing vegetarian food for political rallies.
DC Underworld. Lots of news about local shows, rallies, and other events.
Goth in DC? check HERE!
Cataomb DC. This is a Saturday Night only Gothic/Industrial Club, located near relatively-safe 17th and "L" Streets NW Washington DC. It's a very nice club, and the DJs are tops.

Performance Venues

See also ClubDC, which is an advertisement-carrying commercial site that reviews various nightclubs.

The Capitol Ballroom. Dancing and live shows! Reputedly excellent. Scary neighborhood.
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Kennedy Center). Possibly the cultural Heart of the Nation.
Nightclub 9:30. The new location of the 9:30 Club is a far cry from the original location at 930 "F" Street NW. It's now at 815 "V" Street, NW, just a block or two from Howard University. This used to be the old WUST Music Hall, where I once saw a truly amazing show featuring the Butthole Surfers, Johnny Reno and the Sax Maniacs (incredible if you like saxophone ensembles fronted with powerhouse Trower-esque guitar), and the Dead Kennedys. It's huge. It's a great place to see bands.
Looking for all sorts of Washingtoniana? The Washington CityPaper is loaded with opinion, information about clubs, what's where, and that sort of thing.

See also the DC Music WWWeb.


Washington Area Bicyclist Association.

City of Washington Letter & Package Delivery Services (couriers).

Messenger Life is Good! A page by possibly-the-most-experienced of Washington's legendary Bicycle Couriers.
Bega's Barn. Full of links to cycling and bicycle couriers. Also, at last, this can be reached through the address
City Bikes. Located in the heart of Adams-Morgan, this place has got it all - everything from bikes, to bike repairs, tools, kits, accessories, you name it. If they don't have it, they can get it. Here's a picture of their storefront.
District of Columbia Bicycle Courier Association.

Happenings & Schedules

The Conspiracy is a, well - conspiracy - engaged in bringing to Washington the very finest in Industrial, Gothic, and Punk. They post schedules here, and they also have a RealAudio page so that you can sample some of the bands that have appeared at their gigs. Usually they have their shows on Tuesday nights at Club Heaven, located at 2327 18th Street NW, in Adams-Morgan.

Bars & Restaurants

The Dining Web. Full of links to the area's restaurants! A must-see.

The Crow Bar. Believe it or not, there's a biker-bar located on 20th Street NW, between "K" and "L" streets. they have an excellent selection of beer, and the food's not bad either.

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