REVISION: 22 October 1997

Copyright (c) (copr) 1997 all rights reserved by TJH Internet SP and Earth Operations Central. All comments are strictly my unsupported opinion. Maybe you should come and see for yourself.
Feel absolutely free to believe this is fiction.

It's War!
Things are happening here. They are not pretty things. They are scary things.

President William Jefferson Clinton, plagued by not only assorted allegations of his purportedly out-of-control libido and assorted southern beauties of questionable repute, has also been plagued by continual allegations, which unfortunately seem to be quite well supported, that his political supporteers, notably the Democratic National Committee's Campaigg to Re-Elect President Clinton, was not only well-funded by illegal foreign contributions determined by the FBI to have originated with the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), but allegations and indeed practical indictments continue to surface which begin to be interpreted as complete interpenetration of the Clinton White House by foreign and criminal interests. Cases include, among those invited to the Clinton White House for overnight stays, PRC arms-purveyors of questionable and illegal arms involved in full-scale warfare by "bank robbers" in California, by Yugoslavian-Albanian-Croatian-Serbian-linked (YACS; involved nationwide in military-style burglaries and scams totalling in excess of $100 million) militials - possibly as a test-case to determine whether or not American law-enforcement was prepared to defend against foreign insurgencies (they weren't); assorted Indonesian conduits for PRC monies; indicted megascale transnational cocaine dealers from the Russian-Mafia-influenced zones of Florida; and others even less savory, all at a time when there had been extremely questionable incidents regarding totally out-of-line incidents of White House compilations of enemies-lists from supposedly-sacrosanct deep-level FBI and CIA intelligence files. Not only have most serious criminal investigations involving transnational crime been compromised by this totally unprofessional idiocy, it seems that this general circus-idiocy level of glad-handing and overnighters, it seems that the country itself has been compromised - certainly the the Democrat controlled Washington Metropolitan Area, things are out of control and there is clear and incontrovertible evidence (though believe me the evidence does not last long!) of a pogrom of anti-American consolidation of political gains and elimination of opposition.

If you're thinking of visiting the region, think again, unless you are deep-cover military intelligence from some remote outfit not reporting to the apparently-co-opted Democratic regime.

Be extremely wary of any persons of evident Middle-Eastern extraction, almost all immigrants and many first-generation Americans of this class must be considered psychopathic proactive highly-politicised religious-delusionals with no compunctions nor scruples. Turn your back on them only if you want to discover a knife sticking out of your back. Well, not necessarily so. Sometimes they just slit throats. I might add that all of my recent personal experiences with resident alien Koreans have of late been extremely bothersome. The Koreans, when first they arrived in the area some 20 or more years ago, were invariably the most polite and gracious of our immigrants. Now, based upon how they treat me, I can only assume that they have been replaced, in large part, by communist North Korean agents. Or maybe they have been subjected to sufficient disrespect as to make them our eternal enemies. In any case, between all of the major foreign-origin groups presently residing in or about the Washington DC area, there seems to have been formed a coalition dedicated to the alienation and destructio of all non-foreign-origin personnel.

Watch your back. Travel in pairs, and maintain constant secure telcomm. Highest security protocols must be observed at all times and even then, expect system-compromise to be the standard rather than the exception.

Top levels of government are either total fools, or have been instructed to look the other way as this country's heart is gutted out through the chest by forces which are evidently determined to take total control of the real powers of government, through a campaign of discreditation, incapacitation and outright assassination of all competent to resist what may well be a Red-Chinese-directed coup attempt. Or maybe it's not that bad.

Maybe it's just the long-anticipated UN takeover.

Beware if you plan to visit. If there's ever going to be any multinational attempt to secure the Federal Government to foreign direction, it's happening now.

Visitors arriving en masse such as the recent Promise Keepers gathering, should expect to be presented with only a most-palatable pablum of innocuous behavior. But stay for a while and allow the local foreign-intelligence systems to identify as not a member of their own service nor any aligned srevice, and believe me on this - whoever you were supposed to report to will be suddenly asking themselves, "wonder why they don't write back home any more".

If you are going to visit, come armed - but not obviously! - , come now, come with resources, and an escape plan with lots of contingencies and an expectation of failure - you're primary mission is to come here and to see, and to get your reports out. That is all.

Local Intel and Assorted Observations

[temporary extraction from other sources.]

Status is now at DefCon-1. Gather your arms, exclude all questionables, establish your Chain of Command - We are at War.

Recent changes within the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police might have helped prevent a slide to DefCon 1. However, recent developments in the District of Columbia have revealed publicly that not only is the general government of the District in complete disrepair, but the Washington Metropolitan Police Department is dangerously close to complete organizational collapse. Among other things, reports provided by non-Washington Federal agencies which could have solved literally hundreds of murders have been trashed by high-ranking police personnel, and indeed, followups to this report have revealed an extremely suspicious pattern of suppression of evidence, generally through specific failures by specific officers to even minimally pretend to follow leads - in fact, extremely well-witnessed subjects already in custody on separate offenses have been released without further questioning. The only question remaining in these cases is for exactly which parties were both the officers and the suspects, spies.

The situation, while not perfect nor harmonious within the District itself is increasingly ordered downtown, if only on the surface. Beneath the surface, all is in a massive disarray - this may, however turn out to be all for the best if the situation can be rapidly seized. Massive investment of troops may soon be required - contingency planning in uncompromised Federal units must be considered at this time. Recent Federally-mandated investigations into District agencies have revealed unbelieveable disorganization within local-government agencies, at least within the District proper - and this seeming anarchy may well have been the only sufficient countermeasure against the level of co-option, penetration and in particular consolidation-of-gains seen within the local-level governments of surrounding jurisdictions. Particularly compromised among local jurisdictions is the Montgomery County Maryland govenrment, particularly the City of Rockville and the City of Takoma Park, which are at present best thought of as, respectively, the Occupied Zones of Rockville and Takoma Park, Maryland, with an unusually perverse religious-delusional mindset in Rockville, leavened by an immense influx of former Soviets and their second-generation Spetznaz kids; and in Takoma Park, long a hotbed of leftist sentiment which allows even illegal-aliens to register to vote, we see as the only hope for a retention of allegiance to American ideals, the simple fact of their high investments in capital real-estate.

Within the District, dislodged predator ecologies are in turmoil and formerly safe zones are experiencing some spillover effects as traditional danger zones are disrupted. It must also be noted that when predator ecologies are disrupted as the Metropolitan Police Department is reformed, their through-Department linkages to encroaching extranationals will be disrupted and it might be possible that their loyalties may be turned back towards the American order. This is not certain, and until it is certain, consider criminals as to be the most likely to deal in compromising information to whomever will pay most, without regards to nationalistic loyalties - at least within the American criminal communities. Expect no such failures of patriotism in illegal-alien criminal communities.

Downtown may be to some extent be considered secured insofar as regard questionable activity by known extranationals, outside of the "colonias" (primarily Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, and Guatemalan within the Latin American extranational communities, and the Palestinian-Factionals in the middle-eastern communities), where a furor continues to rise over the incipient grandfathering of a law permitting illegals to continue to reside after payment of a fine which, in the present economic circumstances, can most-easily be raised through co-operation with extant or emerging internationalist criminal organizations. In the suburbs, however, spookwars rage. Be advised. Tourist activity should be curtailed, and civilians diverted elsewhere, all who insist on entering the area without extreme bona-fides should be considered extranational combatants entering the field of action. Persons of obvious foreign origin travelling into the area, outside of diplomatic envoy should be detained or redirected.

Active hostilities have been observed, up to and including extranational operatives attempting to spoof and buffalo local police departments, most of which should be considered compromised, in particular, the Montgomery County Maryland police department should be considered as a primary conduit of intelligence, strategy and tactical information, as well as a covering agency, for insurgents and infiltrators.

We advise recall of the majority of in-field active forces from abroad, immediate deployment of uniformed divisions to DC Metro suburbs - emplacement as civilians, uniforms are targets repeat uniforms are targets. Request monitor all telcomm traffic, interdict and eradicate all non-English telcomm traffic, all-due-force should be authorized, repeat all-due-force should be authorized. Suspect extranational control of all means of resupply within all civilian venues and possibly military supplyline compromise. Suggest massive non-local intel infiltration. Suggest "gloves-off" approach. Suggest shoot first twice and clear the field - have noted massive actions to secure all local facilities and replace with foreign-controlled systems with faked bona-fides and massive efforts to revise local files-bases in assorted local government offices, in particular ongoing hostile-intel actions have been observed in and about the Monroe Street facilities in the county-seat of Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland. Request in-depth investigation into City of Rockville and Montgomery County governments. Suggest procedural motif should reflect the possiblity of an extreme compromise already fully-entrenched. One short note - disinformation is a primary weapon, disregard almost anything you hear from "locals" (insist on extremely-secure documentation, and move immediately to secure the issuance sources of said documentation!) unless it is outrageous and conforms to this intel. "The weirder the more likely", excluding of course obvious religious delusions or other aspects of a mass-psychosis - however, despite the obviously-bizarre import of this suggestion, do not for a moment disregard reports of potential extraterrestrial as well as extranational involvement.

Ignore anything you hear from the foreign-born; they are part of the biggest problem we have here - outsiders trying to disrupt local venues and secure primacy by their disruptions. They are at the edge of total success.

Else proceed as normal and foolishly die.

Please disregard the following report, except as historic content. the state of afairs has changed, slowly but radically - be reminded of how you cook a frog for dinner - turn up the heat slowly and he won't jump out.

Do pay attention to descriptions of technology deployed in low-intensity conflict in urban terrain.

A note - as of roughly 20 June 1997, recent increase in activities directed at suppressing foreign insurgents (masqueraded among the legitimate immigrant populations) appears to have reduced these lackeys' unseen manipulators into a state of desparation, observed to be extreme, suggest locals be considered extremely co-opted, compromised, or imposters. Suggest goals should include complete rout of obvious extranationals, and also suggest that most locals not in active co-operation with insurgencies be considered as deluded, drugged, or brainwashed. Suggest consider all counties contiguous to the District as staging areas for extranationals - request securement of all local fields such as school fields or other possible LZ as LZ commonly in use as LZ at this time - expect high- and lowlevel interference or spoofing of all monitoring systems. Disregard all presently-standard intel as bogus - new in-person systems need to be activated up to and including assurance and bug-proofing of all previous intel systems which should be considered, until completely re-checked, as totally compromised.

In some suburban areas, there appear to be intense spookwars (if spies are indeed the observed operatives - if I believed in space-alien invasions that's to whom I'd tend to attribute these activities) being fought with increasingly obscure weapons of appallingly high-technology. Such weapons include the standard Fuisz-Technology-type micro-encapsulated psychoactive powders, Class IIIa and even the occasional Class IV lasers (or extreme-intensity non-coherent light sources of the focussed xenon-strobe type), generally used in head-to-head close quarters drive-by passes, generally delivered in dangerous driving situations. The evident scheme is to cause "accidental fatalities" caused by a sudden inability of loyalist drivers to see a winding road. This should be instantly responded to with maximum available force since this is a violation of the Geneva-Conventions Ban on cruel and inhumane weapons. That is correct - C-CLAW (combatant-carried laser antipersonnel weapons) appear to have found their way into the wrong hands, and are primarily deployed within the suburbs, being operated from within locally-registered vehicles. A note on spotting those using these C-CLAW blinding weapons - they tend to fire at roughly 45 and thirty degree angles, since as a rule the act of aiming is itself easily spotted. I gather that the idea is to start blinding you by first scarring the fovea or "blind-spot" and then enlarge the area of scarring to include the rest of the retina, slowly.

Also observed as deployed, thin films of plastic explosives with a metallic backing presumed to contain detonation circuitry, possibly intended to be detonated with high-power-microwaves. Such devices or systems have been removed from several vehicles locally, and have been determined to be detonable by medium distance (30meters) encounters with handheld dvices resembling standard police radars. Explosive yield is sufficient to destroy a standard steel fuel drum. Beware. These devices can be emplaced in much the same way that a jimmy-bar can be slid between window and door to pop a car's door-lock. Detonaton will remove the driver and otherwise cause little damage, yielding a vehicle to the occupation. Beware of tampered vehicles and examine the interiors of your vehicle doors.

A note to loyalists - expect that all of the Occupation forces know each other, and will instantly tag anyone they don't know. This means that you'll be subjected to an unrelenting campaign of bugging and surveillance. As a discreditation technique, expect to have something along the lines of a remotely-activated "Mr. Microphone (tm)" planted in your vehicle, and also expect to be hit with interesting combinations of chemicals such as ketamine and "Burundanga", and expect your induced-psychosis freaked-out self to be widely broadcast, as entertainment for the Occupation and as a warning to loyalist-sympathizers that this and worse could happen to them.

A note - it appers that after a fairly-successful slowdown in the detection of bogus identifications, it seems that new systems are rapidly evolving and are developing a clientele for their extremely-high-quality forgeries.

Multi-lingual loyalists should also tune to Citizens' Band , 49MHz and 900Mhz frequencies and run interference. I can't even begin to understand who was responsible for (or what they might have been thinking) allowing foreigners to not only buy communications equipment - which was once by law restricted to use by bona-fide citizens - but to sell it as well. Doubtless they maintain a large reserve stock just in case a few hundred thousand of their compatriots should have any two-way communications-equipment needs. Any non-law-enforcement/non-loyalist encrypted communications equipment should be located and destroyed, obviously.

(the casual reader is probably wondering just what the hell I am talking about. you mean you hadn't heard about The War?

Well, so it was bad fiction if I failed to suspend your disbelief. After all, nobody would be so bold as to attempt to overrun the US, now would they?

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