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Energy Production & Distribution

Consider the option of Solar Energy.

US Department of Energy, Fossil Fuels Energy Web. There's loads of information accessible through this page.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. A partnership of over 1000 of America's consumer-owned utilities. One of the better examples of American rural modernization.
Energy and Power Evaluation Program (ENPEP). Visiting this page is practically required - this will link you to some pretty amazing energy-planning resources.

Allegheny Power. Serving parts of Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.
Baltimore Gas & Electric.
BC Hydro. "B.C.Hydro is a provincial Crown corporation that reports to the Minister of Employment and Investment. The third largest electric utility in Canada, B.C.Hydro serves almost 1.5 million customers in an area containing over 94 percent of British Columbia's population. Between 43000 and 52000 gigawatt-hours of electricity are generated annually, depending upon prevailing water levels, with more than 75 per cent produced by major hydroelectric generating stations of the Columbia and Peace rivers. Electricity is delivered to customers through an interconnected system of over 72000 kilometers of transmission and distribution lines."
Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation. North Carolina.
Bonneville Power Administration. Owner and operator of 80 percent of the Northwest US (Washington, Oregon, Idaho) electrical transmission lines.
Carolina Power & Light. Serving both North and South Carolina.
Con Edison. "What makes New York Run."
Duke Energy. "We shape the marketplace. Bringing together the resources and experience of PanEnergy, Duke and Mobil Corporation has created Duke Energy Trading and Marketing. We are one of the nation's largest marketers of wholesale natural gas and electric power." Producers of both energy and natural gas, as well as transmission of both.
El Paso Energy Corporation " provides total energy solutions worldwide through its regulated and non-regulated business units. The company was founded in 1928 and has over 65 years experience in the design, development, construction management, and operation of natural gas transmission and gathering systems. "
FirstEnergy Corporation. A merger of Ohio Edison and Centerior, " would create the nation's 11th largest investor-owned electric system, based on annual electric sales of 64 billion kilowatt-hours. FirstEnergy will serve 2.1 million customers within 13,200 square miles of northern and central Ohio and western Pennsylvania. "
Florida Power & Light.
Hawai'ian Electric Company.
K N Energy. A large distributor of natural gas and related energy products, pipelines from Texas north to Wyoming, from western Colorado east to Kansas City. Headquartered in Colorado.
GPU. Nearly a hundred non-nuclear generating facilities in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Owns and operates Oyster Creek, Three Mile Island Number One Nuclear Facilities, and has sizable investments overseas in generation and distribution.
Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Serving Coastal California.
PJM Interconnection LLC "is the largest and most sophisticated, centrally dispatched power pool in North America. With the primary objectives of system reliability and economic savings, the PJM Interconnection L.L.C. manages the wholesale bulk power grid in the Mid-Atlantic region."
SCANA. This widely diversified holding company has its roots in the South Carolina Electric & Gas industry, where it still provides power. Also branching into telecom, etc., but primarily into power generation and distribution, including nuclear-sourced electrical energy and SCANA is also very big in natural gas and realated industry.
US Bureau of Reclamation is the sixth-largest generator of hydroelectrical energy, and also manages water-related resources west of the Mississippi River. The largest wholesaler of water in the US, and manages almost 350 storage dams, nearly 60 hydroelectric facilities, and over 50,000 miles of canals, etc.
Western Area Power Administration. Actually a branch of the US Department of Energy, Western transmits and markets electric power over most of the western continental United States.

Energy outside of North America -

CEPEL, a consortium of Electrobras and subsidiaries, state-owned and private electric utilities. R & D, testing, certification, etc.
Eletrobrás. The Brazilian Electrical Authority.
Hydro Quebec. Canada's premier power generation network.
IREQ - Research & Development for Hydro-Quebec.
Petro-Canada, the largest Canadian-owned gas and oil company. Involved in all aspects of oil and gas from exploratin and development, through refinement, distribution and marketing.

Fuels & Resources

ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company). A global producer of energy, mostly petroleum and natural gas.
British Petroleum. A huge producer of petroleum.
BP Solar is one of the largest and most advanced solar-cell manufacturers and researchers, with some 10 offices and 6 manufacturing centers. They're also taking the development lead on thin-film photovoltaic.
Chevron Corporation. Mostly petroleum and related manufacturing and refining processes and products.
Enron Corporation.
Toast. Busted. Flat Broke.
One of the world's largest integrated Natural Gas companies. They say: "The company operates the largest transmission system in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest system in the world, is the largest purchaser and marketer of natural gas and the largest non-regulated marketer of electricity in North America, and a worldwide producer and marketer of natural gas liquids."
Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.
SecurityDBS. Manufacturer of drilling systems.
Shell Oil.
Unocal is a large producer of petroleum products, chemical fertilizers and energy resources, including geothermal.
Physical Plants and Equipment

McDermott International, Inc., through their subsidiary Babcock & Wilcox makes a variety of products used in the generation of electrical energy from either conventional fuels, nuclear, or other alternative sources. They are also moving into the interesting realm of high-temperature superconductors for energy-storage.
Regulation and Research

The U.S. Department of Energy -

- DOE -
Federal Energy Technology Center.
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Regulates interstate transmission of oil and gas, and the transmission and wholesaling of electricity, licenses and inspects private, municipal and state hydroelectric projects, and oversees related environmental matters.
Defense Programs, Department of Energy. Among other thing (like nuclear testing) they oversee some of the US Nuclear Fusion Research Programs.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Office of Energy Research.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratories. Not strictly energy! But there are lots of energy links here.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Check out their Reference Library!
Argonne National Laboratory - Energy/Environmental Systems Modeling.

- Canada -
Alberta Energy & Utilities Board - Regulating Alberta's Energy Resources and Utilities.
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