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There are a lot of companies whose primary clients are the non-military sector of the United States Federal Government. Quite often they provide similar services to various State governments.

Federal Vendors, Primarily Non-Military
Arinc. Air-to-ground communications and related systems, positioning systems, etc.
BDM. They did the EDGAR system for the Security and Exchange Commission, and integrate 'legacy' systems; also , they do information systems for various folks, including State Welfare offices.
Concurrent Computer Solutions. Scientific Engineering Workstations, Data Acquisition, Process control, simulation, telecomm, and Shock/Vibration Control.
Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS). Systems development, integration and management. Also Process management and management consulting. Among other things, they have implimented a fingerprint recognition system (AFIRM) which has revolutionized the Los Angeles Welfare system's ability to speedily combat fraud. I recommend investment.
GTE Information Systems Division provides telecommunications, networking, healthcare, aviation and weather services to the Federal government.
Harris Information Systems Division" designs, develops, manufactures, and supports ground-based custom data processing systems and software for the U.S. Government, its agencies, and its prime contractors. These systems collect, store, retrieve, process, analyze, display, and distribute information. "
Nichols Research Corporation. Optics, sensors, and video, primarily for military and government.
PRC/Litton. Automation, infosystems design and integration. Very big.
Rockwell. Now in the process of selling its defense-industry holdings to Boeing. Huge in automation, avionics, aerospace, automotive and transportation.
SRA International. Information technology solutions for business and government.
. Quite an impressive resume.
Telos Corporation's CRIMES police tracking database system. Very interesting.
Unisys. Once one of the biggest names in mainframes and similar monsters of a dinosaurian era, they now make desktops and laptops. They also do systems integration, management solutions, and provide software systems backed by a very long corporate history so far as information-systems history goes. Take a look at their Federal Systems page.

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