Well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later. Actually, history is full of such persons; indeed almost certainly it's how the legend came to be.

This is a case that seems to have ended fairly well, as such things go. At least it didn't (not so far as we know) go too far. Well, actually, it did. But so far as I know, nobody got killed. It's people like this who give goths a bad name. I'm continually amazed by the lengths to which some people will go to get laid.

Extracted from the Washington Post, May 8 1996
Some might be tempted to focus the blame on Role-Playing Games (RPG) in general, or on White Wolf Games in particular. I can't assign the blame there, much as I generally loathe RPG players. Why do I loathe RPG players? Well, I have this sort of second-sight, almost like that guy in the Stephen King movie The Dead Zone. Often when I look at an RPG player, I see some hapless dweeb with nothing better to do that to spend large cash and excessive hours living in a dream world. Then I lighten up and realize that I could be tarred by the same brush, after all, I was a BBS addict. I spend too much time on the internet, but I try to avoid being drawn into the pathological state called "onierotaxia", which has been defined casually as an inability to distinguish between dreams and reality, or between fantasy and non-fantasy.

Sometimes I look at an RPG player, and I see a sort of shadow extending into a dark future. Now nobody is definitively restricted to walk into the shadows and move ever further into darkness; there's always time to change the road you're on.

This guy didn't.

Jon C. Bush, age 26, stands accused of raping or sexually-molesting 13 girls, all between the ages of 13 and 16. He has already pled guilty to two counts of molestation of young girls. Under the guise of initiating them into a 'vampire club' reportedly based on the mythos developed by White Wolf Games into (among other things) "Vampire: The Masquerade", and the TV series "Kindred: The Embraced", he isolated the young teens, and molested or raped them, telling them that he "needed their energy". Mr. Bush reportedly describes himself as a vampire, and reportedly sported fake fangs, makeup and a black cape. I can understand this on Hallowe'en or at maybe a Cure concert, and I can see that some folks are gothic; I myself have been a Goth, and wrote some gothic SF about vampires. But I don't go around biting little girls. Considering my neighborhood, it's really a lot more likely that it would be the other way around...

Bush reportedly led a 30-member mini-cult whose members attempted to recruit in local shopping-malls, also reportedly scouring the oceanfront for likely candidates. Reportedly, no male members of the mini-cult engaged in the initiation, which besides getting the girls molested also got them bitten. Mostly they didn't seem to mind the 'getting bitten' part. One of the girls, though, did mind (allegedly) being raped instead of being initiated into the club. She notified the police, who arrested Jon C. Bush on January 17, 1996. After this was published in the local paper, other girls came forward with their complaints.

More will be added as this case begins to resolve itself. With guys like this running around loose (well, not any more), it's no wonder you can't be a Goth anymore without people following you around and screaming "bloodsucker" at you.

Final note: 7 January 1997, the Washington Post reports that Jon C. Bush was convicted on assorted counts generally amounting to contributing to the delinquency of minors (to which he plead guilty) and some 27 counts including unnatural acts, was sentenced to serve 26 years.

I'll continue to try to gather more information on the details of the case, which may or may not be more than tawdry and might indeed be indicative of a progression which the FBI and other high-level intelligence/crime agencies believe most likely ends in a career of serial killing, which in this case seems to have been stopped.

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