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Analog Devices Hot Products Page.
Major signal processing, analog-digital-analog conversion, video-to-digital-to-video hardware. You name it.
Artist Graphics.
Software as well as graphics cards for the PC architectures.
National Instruments.

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Imaging, Graphics, Visualization and Modelling

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First and Foremost: Silicon Graphics.
God are they good. If you want to be able to create images of anything your mind's-eye can conceive, there's an excellent probability that one of their machines has the display hardware and the graphics software to do it.
Second and Once Foremost: Intergraph.
Very nice precision CAD.
Hit the BigTime! PIXAR.
Their software generated the graphics for the hit movie Toy Story.

Please see the Computational Modelling & Simulation Page.

Today's Hot Site: Exa Digital Physics (tm). Digital fluid dynamics!

Defense Modelling & Simulation Office.
DMSO's excellent links page.
3-D Explorer USA from DeLorme.
This is absolutely wonderful stuff. Uses USCGS topographic data to render fully-controllable views of the US. You can even use it to plan trips for the best scenery, in conjunction with their famous Street Atlas USA software!
Graphic Information Webserver City of Ontario California USA. A top-notch implimentation of the integration of graphic and textual-database data.
Extreme Scientific Visualization. Works great, and I don't think you can beat their flowgram-and-workspace approach to constructing scientific visualization meta-applications.
Micropower Impulse Radar (MIR).
Perfect for generating data for scientific visualization applications. Prowl around and see how MIR can be used to develop topographic images of real-objects.
MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation (MSC)
The world's largest provider of mechanical computer-aided engineering (MCAE) solutions.
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's Development Department.
This is some great stuff. Remote processing of near-current datasets generates graphic output, accessed through the web. Get the winds-aloft mappings for most NWS regions, for one, displayed via Vis5d (see above reference). Compare with the LDEO Climate Group's Data Catalog facility, which also remote-crunches datasets and lets you view them through the Web.
Populated Information Terrains.
How do you map an online index according to search-term relevance? Be warned, this is a huge page with intense VR graphics.
Scientific Links page of the Division of Computer Research and Technology of the National Institutes of Health.
This has quite a few extremely interesting links, not all of which are related to medicine. Note that some of the links from this page are very informative pages on molecular modelling, which directly relates to nano-technology.
Scientific Visualization from the Army High-Performance Computing Center.
A commercial concern involved with remote sensing and data interpretation, service and support of satellite imaging systems.
Synthetic Scene Generation Modelling,
From the Naval Office of Strategic Modelling.
Terrain Modelling Project Office.
Closely associated with the Defense Mapping Agency, the TMPO is one of the driving forces behind the terrain-contour databases and planetary modelling initiatives.
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Visualization Guide.
Another superior resource.
Visualization Programming Language for Animation, from the Cornell Theory Center.
The Visualization Toolkit.
An extremely powerful tool, and freeware under the LGPL, I think.
University of Wisconsin's LIDAR Group.
Laser Interferometry Direction and Ranging.
This requires a serious machine. This is true five-dimensional visualization and mathematical modelling for whatever you can concieve. You'll need at least 32megs of RAM, and a hefty large harddrive, but you'll also be quite pleased with the results.

Imaging and Robotic Perception

See also Medical Technology & Supplies.

See the Medical Image FAQ.
This also has links to software for format conversions between disparate medical-imaging types!

See also BioPhysics, Las Alamos National Labs.
Medical Imaging is a hot topic here.

Environmental Research Institute of Michigan.
"...an independent, nonprofit, contract research organization that specializes in imaging technologies, including sensor system design and development, data and image processing, and applications. ERIM operates with close ties to universities and federal government agencies in addition to being involved in cooperative programs with industry. Our primary customers are federal agencies, for whom ERIM fills a gap between industry, government laboratories, government agencies, and universities."

Text Capture and Optical Character Recognition (OCR & Image Digitization

This Australian firm makes software for multimedia presentations, including an on-the-fly converter for text-to-HTML.
Graphics Four.
Mostly a printing speciality, they're also doing some interesting things with "repurposing" datafiles collected during their precision color scanning of images in the pre-press business.
One of Canada's best and largest document conversion and publication companies.
Hawaii Microfilms Services.
Southern Computer Systems.
High-volume forms scanners/readers.

Virtual Reality
United Kingdom Virtual-Reality Special-Interest Group (UK-VR-SIG).
Lots of links to VR sites and organizations!
Virtual I-O.
Wonderful line of stereo VR goggles!
VRML from Hell.
Quite possibly the Page-of-Pages in the VRML VR. Yikes! Loads of links to and from everywhere.