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Business depends on a product. Products can range from the value-added product, such as marketing and reselling, to the physical essentials of production and manufacturing. This page covers that sector of business which is engaged in the creation of tangible goods.

See also The Energy Page for listings of companies primarily producing petroleum products as fuels


Foundries & Refineries (non-petroleum) | Processors & Refineries (petrochemical and organic precursor chemicals)

Foundries & Refineries (non-petrochemical)

Ceramics, Glass and Glass-Fiber -
Brown-Forman. Parent company of Lenox and of Gorham, which offer fine ceramic (fine China) and crystal glass products.
Corning Incorporated. Glass, glass fibers, fiber optics.
Owens-Corning. Building materials and advanced glass composites.
Reynolds Metals Company. Primarily aluminum, carbon, some plastics (primarily packaging for foodservice and medical).
Processors & Refineries (petrochemical and organic precursor chemicals)
AlliedSignal Engineered Materials. Quite an impressive list, everything from basic reagents through intermediate chemicals to finished fibers, refrigerants, electronics materials, amorphous metals & specialty films. A major source for hydrogen flouride products.
Hoechst Celanese. A huge producer of acetic acid, acetates, vinyl acetate monomers, polyesters, polyethelynes, superabsorbent polymers, liquid crystal polymers. Also has a large agricultural unit, AgrEvo.
Lubrizol. World's largest independent supplier of additives for fuels, lubricants and fluids.

Mechanical Components & Sub-Assemblies

Fisher Con-Tek Valves makes specialty valves and fitting for industries that consume steam.
Falk a subsidiary of Sundstrand, is big into couplings, gears, shafts and shaft drives, hydraulic couplings, steel castings.

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