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These are some of the organizations that produce, distribute, install, or service major components of internetworks.

Connectivity Providers

This category includes not only the major telecom networks and their rivals, but providers of equipment or services for internal communications protocols such as corporate-only data, not specifically intranetted.

AT&T Research and
AT&T itself. Also see Bell Labs, a part of Lucent Communications. You may remember them, among other things, their scientists invented the laser, transistor, and the dial-tone (snicker).
BT Net.
British Telecom, I believe. Very well-connected.
BroadBand Technologies, Inc.
Video Dialtone! They're working with Lucent Communications to develop and deploy high-bandwidth digital video/internet teleconferencing infrastructure.
CFW Communications.
A bit of a "Baby Bell", CFW provides a wide array of services and products which add utility to your telephone and cable network. Call forwarding, auto redial, caller-ID-blocker-rejection, cellular, cable, etc.
The Communications Satellite Corporation.
Crawford Communications, Inc.
Offers a wide variety of services, including satellite services, but they're primarily into specialty video and audio productions.
A division of Hughes, they direct-broadcast newsfeeds, etc, at 400KPS.
GTX Telecom.
Everything from their 100-percent fiberoptic network to wireless and satellite.
The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization.
Primarily serving the Utilities Industry, "Itron has been helping electric, gas and water companies become more efficient and more competitive through innovative information and communications solutions that automate processes and connect utilities to their customers. The company designs, manufactures, markets, installs and services hardware, software and integrated systems for Automatic Meter Reading and handheld computer-based systems for electric meter reading. "
LDDS WorldCom.
Fourth largest common carrier in the US, fourth largest fiber-optic system in the US, etc.
Nortel (Northern Telecom).
Very big, particularly in corproate LAN/WAN
Netrex Internetwork Integration.
"Managed network services, data communications, satellite communications, communications recording."
Teleport Communications Group.
" Teleport Communications Group (TCG) is the nation's premier competitive local telecommunications provider. TCG's fiber optic network encompasses more than 250 communities from coast to coast, including the metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New York, Omaha, Phoenix, Portland OR, Pittsburgh, Providence, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington DC and West Palm Beach."
An amalgamation of local regional providers.
United Video Satellite Group.
Direct Broadcast Satellites and so forth.
"National Internet, Local Service". Verio is a fairly aggressive conglomeration of formerly-local midscale internet service providers, who have inter-invested and have acquired national backbones. Rather than a major corporation expanding into local internet service provision, local service providers forestalled their own acquisitions by merging into the next level of scale.
Whittaker Xyplex.
Internetworking, integrations, training and service.

Communications Hardware

Bandwidth management technologies; their primary concern is moving as data from place to place as rapidly as possible.
Electronic Interconnection devices. They say they're the world's authority on plating, molding and of such items. Their subdivision, Connectware focuses on network integration, PCMCIA cards, LAN/WAN, etc. Looks like a good solid investment to me.
Among other things, provides carrier services for Federal agencies and the corporate world.
Associated Data Services, Inc.
Produces phone and network billing software for the AS/400 and also sells and services a variety of networking hardware and software.
Ascend Communications.
These folks are to the communications side of the Internet what Bell Laboratories was to the national phone system. Between Ascend and Cisco (see below) you can find all of the highspeeed dataswitching and ISDN technology you're ever likely to need. The Pipeline 50 ISDN is a surefire solution to your 128Kbps multiuser-to-backbone Internet needs. Take a look at it.
Dedicated NetServers, all of which look pretty good to me! Other things, too.
Bay Networks.
Routers, hubs, switches, multimedia products such as multimedia asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), multimedia operating software, etc.
Corporate LAN/WAN, cabling, switching, up to and including full ATM.
Chipcom Corporation.
Makers of multifunction chassis-based hub and switching platforms. A subsidiary of 3Com.
Cisco, Inc.
The world leader in internetworking connectivity and routing solutions. They make the legendary Cisco routers.
They are heavily into wireless connectivity, cellular, microwave, and satellite WAN. They claim they're the only company that can provide a complete family of integrated engineering software, portable workstation modules, etc. with GUI, and also provide software for engineering wireless network design.
ECI Telecom, Inc.
Israel-based, ECI Telecom has a huge chunk of the DCME (digital circuit multiplicationequipment) market, pair-gain systems, access multiplexers and other access products, Synchronous Digital Heirarchy (SDH) equipment, and lots of WAN equipment. Very big, extremely transnational.
Everything from optical, hardwire and microwave transmission technologies.
Hughes Network Systems.
If you want to be able to get your internet anywhere, at blistering satellite speeds, these are the folks!
Hekimian Laboratories.
Remote testing products and operations system-support for large networks.
The Innovation Group.
Multi-megabit adapters for TV-cable access, Secure Routers, highspeed dataservers.
Hybrid Networks, Inc.
Points-of-presence (POPs), remote-link equipment, including wireless access systems.
They make ATM, Base-T, AnyLAN products. Also, Fiber Channel, and SCSI-2 adapters.
Modems, ISDN modems/terminators, modem-bank managers, etc.
SBE, Inc.
A variety of remote-access and WAN hardware such as routers, bridges, cables, etc.
Routers, Modems, ISDN modems, network management systems, points-of-presence equipment such as analog/digital product aggregation..
A variety of specialized network testing equipment and software products for network management.
Tellabs, Inc.
Recently Acquired Ciena, which made the boxes that enabled frequency-divided enhancements of the bandwidth of fiber-optics. Tellabs is very big into the physical and electronic components of large highspeed networks.
Highspeed network cards.
United Video Satellite Group.
Direct Broadcast Satellites and so forth.

Network Management & Control

" Cable Management System, Cable Management System NT, IP Address Management, Equipment Bay Management, Physical Network Manager, Cross Connect Management, Cable Termination Management, General Telephony Shell, Expert Draft, API, Parametric Modeling Module, RISE Module, Scan Interface Module "

Internet Conferencing and Telephony, and Broadcast Media

AllWare Internet.
Home of a lot of good Winsock Applications, including the CuSeeMe realtime video-conferencing software.
AG Communications.
Take a look at their subsidiary Atium, which makes videoconferencing solutions.
Avid Technology, Inc.
All-digital solutions for capturing, creating, editing and distributing digital media on multiple platforms.
TruVoice computer telephony, Communications Servers, and a beautiful page graphic!
CritiCom Inc
Full-service vendor-independent video teleconferencing. Also provides a range of data transmission and system-integration services.
IVID Communications.
Point-of-sale kiosks, CD-ROMs, etc.
Audio and Vidio for your computer. Including Streaming Video, netwide broadcasts, and more!
Customized newsfeed scrolling across your desktop! Reuters and other newsfeeds.
Interactive systems, Think Video, much more!