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There is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that I am the remaining undiscovered legitimate heir to the fortune of Howard Hughes. Well, okay, so it might be true. But I haven't seen any of the money yet. But when I do get my hands on it, these are some of the places I'll be looking at with an eye to investment. Of course, I might always consider Real Estate.

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The United Stated Department of the Treasury.
Bureau of Economic Analysis. This is the nation's economic accountant--compiles data that illuminate key national, international, and regional aspects of the U.S. economy.
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp (Federal).

Take a look at the United States Securities & Exchange Commission. Also see their EDGAR (electronic data-gathering, retrieval and analysis) system. Also see Trade Resources from the US International Trade Commission. Try StockMaster. Try The Public Register's Annual Report Service.

Exchanges & Quotes

National Association of Securitiess Dealers

Stocks -
American Stock Exchange.
NASDAQ Stock Market.
New York Stock Exchange.
Quotes -
Dow Jones Telerate.
All of Dow-Jones Sites.
ILX Systems. "One of the largest providers of financial information systems to security firms, banks and asset managers." They have a very nice financial-information workstation.

See also this very interesting site, Online Investing Sourcebook.

Investments and Brokerages

Bankers Trust.
The Copeland Comanies. Primarily concerned with retirement planing. A subsidiary of the Travelers Group, Inc.
Disclosure. An invaluable resource, Disclosure has online analysts'-tools and services which can return information on SEC filings, global-corporation holdings, and other timely and useful investment intelligence.
Dun & Bradstreet Information Services. Need I say more? Explore this site for all of the information you're likely to need concerning business and investment.
Federated Investors, Inc."Mutual Funds Built to Stand the Test of Time"
Goldman Sachs. A full-service global investments and banking firm. Very old and very big.
The Investment Company Institute. A national trade association representing mutual funds. The combined membership has about 6000 funds with assets of about three trillion dollars US.
Lehman Brothers " is a global leader in the fields of investment banking and fixed income and equity capital markets, serving the financial needs of corporations, institutions, governments and high net worth investors worldwide. "
Merrill Lynch. A very informative site.
J.P. Morgan. Capital, Market Strategy, Asset Management. An old and reputable firm.
Morgan Stanley & Company Inc. A global Financial Services firm with a large and diversified clientele. Extremely big money. Take a good look at their Global Economic Forum pages.
The Mutual Group. Financial planning, insurance, etc. Canadian primarily.
Schwab. Brokerage and investors information, tools, and management.
T. Rowe Price. Fund brokerage.

International Banking and Development
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
Export Development Corporation.
International Development Research Centre.
International or Pan-American
Inter-America Development Bank.
International Finance Corporation.
US Export-Import Bank. They have an excellent page full of Financial Links.
US Global Export Market Information System (GEMS).
US International Trade Commission.
The WorldBank Group.

The Marketplace and Insurance

National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

American Council of Life Insurance.
American Insurance Association.
Bowne & Company, Inc., Financial Printers. Records, presentations, corporate histories, etc.
Datalytics. Internet Business Solutions, and I do believe they really mean business. Dedicated to staying on the cutting edge!
FactSet provides datasets and market intelligence.
Fitch Investors Service, L.P., a full-service credit-rating agency providing ratings and research on taxable and tax-exempt bond issues. An old and reputable firm.
The Hartford. Insurance for every entity from personal to municipality or transnational.
Investment Company Institute Network. Investment Information for their members.
The Key Partners Life Insurance Analysis Center.
Market Vision: Enterprise information management for the financial community. Real-time data, transaction delivery.
The Prudential. Life insurance, home insurance, healthcare.
Prudential Securities Virtual Office.
Security APL, Inc., supplies portfolio management and services.
Accounting, Risk and Asset Management
Ernst & Young LLP. This page will tell you all of the services they offer, accounting, auditing, taxes, management, etc. Very big firm.
Deloitte & Touche LLP. Accounting/auditing, tax and management cunsulting services.
Smith, Bucklin & Associates. World's largest association management and professional services firm. Executive management, consulting, marketing, administrative services.

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