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Mathematics is not one of my own interests. I am something of an intellectual cripple when it comes to anything more complex than compound fractions. But I do certainly know that it's possibly the single most important basis of all science; without it one cannot measure the world nor abstract it into a more easily-understood form, in any sense other than a verbal analogic sense or perhaps a graphic interpolational sense.

These are links which for the most part relate to pure-mathematics, for the applied mathematics of the other sciencies and disciplines, please see the appropriate pages, which are referenced from the Science MetaIndex Page.

Please see History of Mathematics Archive.

American Mathematical Society.
Centre International des Recountres Mathematics, their English-language page. They also have a variety of university and professional links. In particular, see their Mathematical Databases and Servers List.
Mathematics and Computer Science Division (Argonne National Laboratory).
Take a look at the Math Links Page provided by the Scientific Computing Resource Center, part of the Division of Computer Research & Technology of the National Institutes of Health.
Theory.Org has some great online math applications, mostly fractal and chaotics generators and manipulators, and hosts discussion groups in the sciences.

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