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Medical Classified Advertisements.


Please see the PIE Top Mental Health and Health Websites List. Loaded.

Of increasing concern for human populations worldwide as animal populations infiltrate to the urbanized areas, is Rabies.

A Modern Herbal, the 1931 classic, is now online.

American Government Medicine - Research and Regulation
US Agency for Health Care Policy and Research.
Food and Drug Administration.
Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition. This site is loaded with lots of links to links on biology, chemistry, and nutrition.
Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). The Medicare and Medicaid programs are funded by the HCFA. They also regulate all non-research laboratory testing on humans. For information on regulation of human experimentation (research), please see the Experimental Human Research Page.
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.
The National Institutes of Health.
The National Library of Medicine. Please also see the Libraries Page.
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs Page. See also the US Military Preparedness page.
National Toxicology Program, a combined effort of the FDA, NIH, and others. See also The Homeworld Page, for links to the Enviromental Health Service of NIH.

Governmental, non-US
Canadian Health Network.

Not really classifiable, it's in German. If you can read German, try Med-Online. "Gesundheit und Medizin sind unsere Themen!"

The Virtual Hospital.

Associations and Academic

Admistration and Records

Lewis Computer Services, Inc provides software for home health agencies.


Insurers and Managed Care

Medical Publications and Online Resources

Technology & Supplies

Search for Doctors & Specialties

Try the AMA Physician Select, or the Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors' DocFinder, or the American Board of Medical Specialties' CertifiedDoctor sites.

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