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Military R & D, Supply and Development Firms
Acorn-Networks. R & D for Naval highspeed VLSI asynchronous and low-power communications.
Alliant TechSystems. Just about everything. I'd buy this stock!
AlliedSignal Aerospace makes helicopter-towed dipping sonar, flight radar, etc.
Arinc. Air-to-ground communications and related systems, positioning systems, etc.
Boeing Autonetics and Missile Systems Division.
Booz, Allen and Hamilton. Technology, engineering and management services. A big and reputable outfit.
Cordant, an Information Technology company. They provide support for private and government concerns.
General Dynamics Land Systems "designs, manufactures and supports armored weapon systems and electronic products for the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps and a number of allied nations."
Hughes Aircraft Company is " an integrated defense electronics and information systems company, is a world leader in design, development and production of high technology systems for scientific, military and commercial applications."
INRI. "The leader in Battle-Management Software." Military Command and Control, Satellite Tracking, Electronic Warfare, Route Generation and Interference Avoidance, Military Communications Processor, Unit Scheduling, Meteorology and Environmentals, Secure Intelligence Systems, Harbor Tracking.
Litton Computer Services. Datacenter and network services, desktop and professional services. Their professional-services division seems to be dedicated to the process of downsizing and modernizing systems. There's big money in that if you're know of any obscure Federal agencies stuck with antiquated legacy systems that could all be replaced with one Linux Box.
Lockheed-Martin. The merged forces of Lockheed and Martin-Marietta have created one of the world's largest and most diversified corporations. If they ever try to tell you they're only doing what's best for America, rememmber that these guys have their fingers in so many pies that for the last twenty years, America has largely done what's best for Martin-Marietta. If you forward your mail, they know where you are. If some intelligence agency wants intel on you, Martin supplied it and maintains and operates the databases. If absolutely despicable things have to happen to you simply because someone in Martin thought they didn't like the way you dress in your off-work time, rest assured that there's nothing even the FBI can do to stop them. L-M runs their information systems and can feed them whatever they like.
GEC-Marconi Hazeltine "is a long time technical leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of defense electronics equipment and systems. We have been a major DoD supplier for more than 75 years. Our long history in military communications, avionics, navigation and missile systems is highlighted by the significant number of industry achievements that we continue to demonstrate in the avionics community. "
McDonnell-Douglas. I like these guys. No particular reason, except for all of those really neat fighter jets and avionics upon which American military might depends. Also, I think their Delta Clipper (X-33) re-usable VTOL Space Access system is the futre of space access. I would recommend that the forward-looking technical innovation and research investment communities invest heavily in this technology. Check out this innovative digital video page.
Metron, Inc., offers a variety of services and is intensely involved in mathematical modelling and simulation. Take a look at their Projects Page.
Motorola. One of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of semiconductors, wireless communications products, electronics systems, etc. A very big and very reputable company.
Nichols Research Corporation. Optics, sensors, and video, primarily for military and government.
Northrup-Grumman. Very big in military aviation, defense electronics, and civilian aviation.
Northrup-Grumman Electronic Sensors and Systems Division (ESSD). Firecontrol, avionics, airborne and spaceborne surveillance, C3I, systems integration, tactical radars.
PRC/Litton. A large systems and software integrations division of Litton Industries, these folks do a lot of government contracting. They have a sensible approach to supplying the government with its future needs. Take a look at their Super-Mini page!
R & K Engineering provides facility assessment and database/inventory-management and equipment status-assessment systems to the Department of Defense and the US Army.
Racal. "Radio communications, electronic surveillance, radar, command information systems and navigation systems."
United Technologies. Subsidiaries include Otis, the elevator people; Pratt & Whitney; Carrier; Sikorsky; and Hamilton Standard. An industry giant. The military has always relied on their Pratt & Whitney engines, and Sikorsky helicopters were the originals.
Vitro Laboratories. This division of Tracor, Inc., has long been involved in research and development of assorted weapons systems, beginning with their involvement in the Manhattan Project, through assorted nuclear submarine efforts and cruise-missile development. Strongly allied with General Dynamics and other giants of maritime industry, Vitro Labs is a mainstay of the US Navy.
Vredenburg. Information warehousing/access, data-management systems, etc.

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