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Other Voices, Other Visions

Please note that a parody of an infamous cultural icon, the Washingtonian (tm) Magazine, tops the list. Please see The Reliable Snore of Washingtonians.

Fortress Washington. It's pretty sad how all of those concrete barriers have to be all over the place ruining the view.
DC OnLine - Analyses and Solutions. This is an excellently-linked page to a wide array of local-level and national-level thought concerning Washington.
Washington DC City Pages - Links to everywhere (including here!) complete with reviews, a top-10 list, dining resources, you name it.
DC News Service. More local commentary! Fairly good, actually.
An Outside View - please see the British National Party's Tale of Two Cities Page. Page down and see the review of Washington. Insofar as I can tell, a radical foreign British party shares most of Earth Operations Central's views of Washington. They rate Washington as a Third World City. Unfortunately they're right.
DC Darkside - Doug Thompson. As far as I am concerned there is no better reporter in this area. The Man should get a Nobel Prize. This, my friends, and my enemies, is the truth about Washington DC... and in many ways, eversomuch moreso, it's about life. Read it and weep for your society, for everything about Washington is merely a harbinger, a bellwhether, of everything the national society will accept as standard and de-rigeur ten years from now. So read, and weep, and fix Washington, DC - and adjust your nation's future. And get a kick right in the middle of your soul's heart as well. This site is only for the bold and those who take enough Prozac as to be unable to care... or you might just go out and do something.
National Association to Restore Pride in the Nation's Capital. "NARPAC, Inc. was formed last year because a small group of concerned citizens in the Washington, DC area believe that the Nation's Capital has become a national disgrace, and that it will take national attention and action to restore pride in it as a symbol of our hopes and dreams for the future." Earth Operations Central absolutely agrees, provided that the fear and loathing is also extended to the surrounding suburbs. They have an excellent links page.
DC Military. This website is run by Comprint Military Publications, a Gaithersburg MD outfit that targets military bases for delivery of Gazette-style newspapers.
DCWatch. Very informative, and covers most of the issues I don't cover, with considerably more local-level detail which would be of greater concern to neighbors.
Global Warming might put Washington DC underwater - from the Environmental Defense Fund.
Plausible Reality Extrusion Group. And boy can they extrude! They're considerably more extrusive than I am, but a lot less wacky. They've got some excellent resources associated with their pages, and lots of links to Washingtoniana.
Mare's Guide to Hangin' in DC. A good look at fun places to be and fun things to do. Hip & Happenin'.
The Washington Fun and Recreation Page.
Wash Web.
The Greater Washington Page. I don't know who's behind this slick piece of promotion, but these folks are determined to get people to relocate their businesses to the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region. Their Quality of Living page does have a lovely picture of the scenic grandeur of the Great Falls of the Potomac, but if you got this far in this page and can be convinced that there's anything remotely resembling a "quality of life" around this town, you need remedial education. This is, as best I can tell, a put-on by the Chamber of Commerce or something. If they don't get a grip, I'll have to parody them. This is a hugely-desperate attempt to sell Washington DC to the business community. As far as pages go, or as advertisement goes, this is indeed a lovely page, and very well-done.
Downtown Business Improvement District (BID). A consortium of downtown businesses determined to make downtown Washington safer, and much much cleaner.
Official Washington DC Homepage.

What Works Elsewhere

New York City Partnership & Chamber of Commerce. New York City has been praised nationwide as a city that has successfully revitalized itself. Crime is at an all-time low and the city's economy is booming. Perhaps people should take a look at what works there, perhaps similar approaches would work in the District.

Fun Stuff