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Parts. You can't make things without parts. These are some of the businesses whose concern it is to make sure that you have the parts you need to make the products you sell.

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Electronics Components
American Microsystems, Inc is the major source of ROM in the US, provides a wide variety of spread-spectrum wireless and telelcom component cirtuicts, transmitters and receivers, controllers, design tools, custom VLSI manufacturing and much more. This is one of the prime manufacturers and innovators in chips.
Analog Devices. These guys have whatever circuit you need, probably. A killer chipsource for practical applications.
Allen-Bradley, a division of Rockwell. Programmable Logic Controllers for precision-programmable control of machinery. The very guts of Robotics and Telefactoring. Among other things, they make the DeviceNet (tm) control and interface system which allows continuous interactive monitoring of the programmable logic controllers which are the guts of the robotic factory. Invest heavily in this industry.
Cirrus Logic.
Central Data provides connectivity hardware for high-performance computing markets, particularly board-level and serial-mode products.
Current Technologies' MM32k Massively-Parallel SIMD Processor for PCs. Put a supercomputer in your PC for only U$4995.00!
Data I/O. An excellent selection of EPROM and device-controller programmers, automation for factory-line programming of such devices, etc.
Ericsson. This Swedish electronics and telecommunications giant has a wide array of products, from cooling, climate and power systems to the tiniest of integrated circuits for your networked palmtop (beltcom, tm).
Gordian. Design, prototypes, documentation.
GrayBar. These guys seem to have it all when it comes to top-line electronics and comm/data supplies! Since 1869 - spun off from the Western Electric in 1925, this employee-owned company is one of the largest dealers in electronics hardware.
Harris Semiconductor. They make just about anything you might want, from military wireless through video systems to aviation gear.
The Innovation Group. Multi-megabit adapters for TV-cable access, Secure Routers, highspeed dataservers.
LAM Research Corporation. A leading supplier of wafer-processing equipment to the worldwide semiconductor industry.
Level One Communications "is a leader in communications connectivity technologies, providing Mixed-Signal Solutions for high speed transmission and networking applications. These components are critical connecting links in today's telephone and data communications (LAN/WAN) networks."
Micron Technology Inc " Micron Technology, Inc., (Micron) and its subsidiaries manufacture and market world-class memory components, board-level and system-level products and personal computer systems, and are involved in other leading-edge technologies. "
Micron Display Technology manufactures flat-panel field emission display technology (FED) displays for mobile computers.
Rockwell Semiconductor Systems. Massively into modems and wireless communications.
Seagate. Hard-drives and other mass-storage data products.
SMC. SMC's Component Products Division supplies MOS/VLSI circuits for personal computers (PCs) and embedded control systems. These include input/output (I/O) devices for disk drive control, communications interface, power management and other PC motherboard functions, Ethernet and Fast Ethernet controllers for Local Area Network (LAN) applications and ARCNET® controllers for embedded networking applications.
Tektronix, Inc. These are the people who basically invented the modern oscilloscope. For years, they set the standard for non-television video output. This is a chunk of the very roots of most of our modern technology. Their green storage-tube screens are the stuff of legend within the computer graphics community.
Unitrode, Inc. They make high-quality linear integrated circuits. Nice line of intelligent motion controllers!
Varian Associates. Systems and components for medical, scientific and industrial markets. Ultra-high-vacuum systems, ultra-clean environments, ion-implant technologies, high-precision electron-beam control, NMR Imaging, Chromatography and Spectroscopy, Linear Accelerators for cancer therapy, X-Ray systems. These are core-technology leaders.
Design and Simulation

Meta-Software. A World-Standard in IC design and simulation software tools.

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