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United States Military Preparedness

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Medical Emergency Preparedness, from the US Centers for Disease Control.
Los Angeles County Emergency Operations Center. Has some links dealing with local-level preparedness. Though it must be added here that Los Angeles County's population requires operational and organizational systems which might suffice for most States.

Military Theory

Some say that the most pure essence of all military strategy is contained in The Art of War by Sun-Tzu.

It should also be noted that with the unparallelled advances in technology seen in this last century, militaries will have to perceive and react to new warfighting paradigms, situations and methodologies, which may eventually evolve in the intensively-intercommunicative research or private-sectors as or more-rapidly than within the "closed-and-compartmentalized" military research, development, manufacturing and deployment communities. Here's an interesting and very thoughtful document which considers all of this and more in detailed concision.

Military Education

Many military personnel complete degrees before, during or after their service. Some achieve academic distinction. These are some of the places that they earn advanced degrees.

United States Military Academy (West Point).
United States Naval Academy.
Chief of Naval Education & Training. This is a comprehensive top-down site.
Naval Postgraduate School.
Computer Science Department.
Physics Department.
Naval Justice School (NJS).
United States Air Force Academy.
Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB.
Air University, Montgomery Alabama. With quite a list of Directed Future Studies, and other Air Force/Military Aviation Education links!
Air Education and Training Command.
Marine Corp Communications-Electronics School.
Defense Information School.
The National Defense University.
National War College.
Naval Personnel Research and Development Center. The Navy and Marines are always looking for better ways to attract and retain the best personnel.
DECA. The FBI's program to develop awareness of espionage, counterintelligence and counterterrorism strategies and processes.
Earth Operations Central presents: The War. Be forewarned - this is pure fiction. Isn't it? Well, one thing for sure, you'll never know unless you look.

Military Health

Interdepartmental -
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.
Atom-Bomb Testing Exposure information is available through the Defense Special Weapons Agency.
Health Affairs, from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense.
Persian Gulf Illness - CCEP Report.
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.
Air Force -
Brooks AFB/Human Systems Center.
United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine. Also see the Air Force Surgeon General's Advanced Desktop. Lots of medical and military-medical links.
Clinical Integrated Workstation homepage.

Army -
US Army Weapons of Mass Destruction Domestic Preparedness Team.
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany. A major medical center in Europe.
Military Law and Justice

US Navy & US Marines Judge Advocate General (JAG).

Purely Military


Cutting Edge and Forward-Looking
Acquisition and Technology
Leading-Edge Services - Advanced Information Technology Services - Joint Programs Office

Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
Army Topographic Engineering Center. "Provide the warfighter with superior knowledge of the battlefield".
Combat Terrain Information Systems.
Defense Acquisition and Technology. Please also see The Science MetaIndex Page for more military-science links, and also -
Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development, and Acquisition.
Defense Contract Management District.
Joint National Test Facility "supporting local and distributed forms of modeling and simulation." One of the nation's greatest resources for computing, modelling, and simulation.
High-Performance Computer Modernization Program (HPCMP). Vast sums are to be poured into assuring warfighting supremacy through continuing development of that latest in high-performance computing technologies.
Lablink. The Department of Defense master-list of public-accessible laboratories and research facilities.
Technical Information Web (DoD).
Test and Evaluation Network (DOD).

Acquisition Strategy

Defense Science and Technology Planning - The Department of Defense cannot afford a 15-year acquisition cycle time when the comparable commercial turnover is every three to four years. Without a doubt, our No. 1 priority must be to shorten the cycle time for developing new weapon systems or inserting new technology into existing systems. In a global market, everyone, including our potential adversaries, will gain increasing access to the same commercial technology base. The military advantage goes to the nation who has the best cycle time to capture technologies that are commercially available, incorporate them in weapon systems and get them fielded first. - Paul G. Kaminski, undersecretary of defense for acquisition and technology, 3OCT96.

Computer Open Systems Implimentation Program (COSIP), Naval Surface Warfare Center. The Navy doesn't want to get stuck in a 15-year R & D cycle, they're developing strategies to use off-the-shelf technologies where possible. No use in falling behind the average Fortune 500 company's warfighting abilities, right?
Office of the Undersecretary for Defense for Command Control Communications and Intelligence (C3I).
Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC). Responsible for nuclear event detection, analysis of said events, and monitoring test-ban compliance.
Army Research Laboratories, and the Future Technologies Institute. Also please see the Air University (Air Force) 2025 Project. Don't forget to look around the Force XXI homepage, where they're evolving the 21st-century Army even as we geek.
Arnold Engineering Development Center. Flight simulation and aviation development.
Construction Engineering Research Laboratories. "Technology Infusion for Sustainable Military Installations."
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. These are the guys who brought us the InterNet, okay? And there's more where that came from...
Naval Sea Systems Command.
Surface Craft and Boats.
Army Space & Missile Defense Command. Awesome front page! And see their Links page.
Headquarters, Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command.
United States Space Command. Space Command Link.
Naval Center for Space Technology.
Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center.
Naval Research Laboratory.
Naval Undersea Warfare Center. The reason this is under the "space" heading is because of their references to Office of Naval Research's Autonomous Robotics Littoral Research page.
SpaceCast 2020 (Air University).
21st Space Wing United States Air Force.
50th Space Wing. Falcon AFB, Colorado.
Space Warfare Center - also at Falcon AFB.
US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command.
Team Redstone On-Line. The Redstone Arsenal is your one-stop artillery and missiles shop.
14th Air Force Flying Tigers.
USAF Geophysics Directorate. Aerospace environment and warfighting systems.
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. BMDOLink. Best Military Logo Award! And be sure to take a look at their Directed Energy/Space-Based Laser Intercept Page. And also visit their associates.
Office of Strategic Phenomena. This is a really neat site if you like to think about all of the things that can possibly impact strategy. They do Synthetic Scene Generation Modelling and other neat things. Also, take a look at the Naval Space Science Division.
Geometric Solutions, Inc. Modelling, digitization, training.
Surprise! Another surprise.
Directed Energy Directorate - Air Force Research Laboratory.

A list of interesting federal research servers.

Assorted Military Bases and Facilities

Multiservice Facilities -
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). "To Plan, Engineer, Develop, Test, Manage Programs, Acquire, Implement, Operate and Maintain Information Systems for C4I and Mission Support Under all conditions of Peace and War."
Columbus (DSA-C) Support Center. The mission of the DSA-C is to deliver secure, reliable, information processing and information products and services to the Department of Defense in support of the warfighter."
DISA Joint Operational Facility, Warner Robins, Georgia.
DISA Megacenter Montgomery.
Defense Logistics Agency.
The Defense Fuel Supply Center ensures the Defense Department's energy needs.
Defense Industrial Supply Center, Philadelphia.
Defense Personnel Support Center. Food, medicine and clothing/textiles.
Systems Design Center. "We are one of the world's leading providers of information systems and technical solutions. We specialize in systems that support the businesses of procurement, materiel management, logistics support, technology infusion, distribution and base/fleet support."
Defense Supply Center - Richmond. General support, multi-service, including several nominally-civilian Federal agencies. "What they want, when they want it, at the best value." What more could anyone ask?
Major Shared Resource Centers.
Department of Defense Major Shared Resource Center (ARL MSRC, Army Research Laboratories). Aberdeen. Major mainframe modelling, etc.
Department of Defense Major Shared Resource Center (Naval Oceanographic Office). Stennis Space Center, Mississippi.
Joint Strike Force Program Office. The various branches need fighters to replace the aging fleets, and they'd like to have something in production that can be used by all of them, rather than have fighters which are unique to each service. Boeing's offering one that looks pretty good. Northrup-Grumman has a pretty good one, too. Personally, I'd pick absolutely anyone, including Aeroflot, SAAB or for that matter Volvo over anything proposed by Lockheed-Martin. As for the Joint Strike Fighter Task Force, I would personally recommend a combined operation between Boeing, Northrup-Grumman, Orbital Sciences Corp, and the makers of the Swedish SAAB Viggen and Gripen airframes, with massive Rolls-Royce involvement in the power-plant area. Orbital Sciences should be included in the 2025 project from the ground up; they're the only private-sector company with the vision to take the Joint Strike Fighter Project into suborbital and perhaps even cislunar Operational fields. Besides, in my fantasies I own stock in Orbital. The partnership between Boeing, Northrup-Grumman and British Aerospace looks particularly good, especially because of the vectored-thrust system, an absolute essential in rapid switching between VSTOL and fighter-modes. Unfortunately, as of 15 November, 1996, Northrup-Grumman has been knocked out of the consideration for the project, leaving it all up to Lockheed-Martin and Boeing.
The Joint Spectrum Center administers Defense-related uses of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are the military counterpart of the civilian Federal Communications Commission.
Lablink. The Department of Defense master-list of public-accessible laboratories and research facilities.
Major Shared Resource Center, part of the Naval Oceanographic Office.
Standard Systems Group, HQ (USAF).
Technical Information Web (DoD).
Unified Combatant Commands. Multi-force commands, generally geographically-based.
United States Atlantic Command (USACOM). Premiere trainer, integrator & provider of Continental US forces.
United States European Command. USEUCOM is a unified combatant command whose mission is to maintain ready forces to conduct the full spectrum of military operations unilaterally or in concert with the coalition partners; to enhance transatlantic security through support of NATO; to promote regional stability; and advance U.S. interests in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). Offutt AFB, Nebraska. These are the people in charge of our nuclear arsenal. Among other things, the "planning, targeting and wartime employment of strategic forces". Our ultimate defense against conventional military aggression directed against the United States. Unfortunately, though they are quite concerned about dealing with proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, they are better able to deal with large and concrete threats (and eminently so) than to deal with terrorist threats in diffuse action in microscale operations. Their own mission statement: "Deter military attack on the United States and its allies, and should deterrence fail, employ forces so as to achieve national objectives".
US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM). "U.S. global responsibilities require global capabilities, despite a regional focus in implementing the strategy."

Air Force -
Air Force Personnel Center.
Headquarters - Pacific Air Force.

Air Combat Command. Langley, VA. Provides air-combat forces to the Unified Combat Commands.
Air Force Communications Agency."Our mission is to help the Air Force maintain information superiority by ensuring communications and information systems used by warfighters are integrated and interoperable. The Agency develops technical standards, visionary architectures, and imaginative solutions that meet customer needs and expectations."
Andrews AFB. "Home of Air Force One" - Camp Springs, MD.
Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. "Libertatum Defendimus", 2d Bomb Wing trains all B-52 combat crews, and the 8th Air Force is the "total warfighting headquarters deploying decisive global airpower for USACOM and USSTRATCOM."
Bolling AFB. "The Chief's Own" - Washington, DC.
Edwards AFB. The World's Premier Flight Test Center.
Philips Laboratory, Propulsion Directorate.
Eglin AFB, the world's largest military installation.
Elmendorf AFB. Alaska.
Falcon AFB. Colorado Springs, CO, home of the 50th Space Wing.
Grand Forks AFB. "Guaranteeing Global Reach and power". Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Hanscom AFB. Electronics Systems Center. USAF C4I center of excellence.
Hurlburt AFB. Hurlburt Field, Florida, home of the Air Force Special Operations Command.
Keesler AFB, Mississippi, home of the 81st Training Wing.
Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Home of the 377th Air Base Wing.
58th Special Operations Wing.
Kunsan AFB, Kunsan, Republic of Korea. Tip of the Spear - and Home of the Wolf Pack.
Langley AFB.
Los Angeles AFB. Los Angeles.
Laughlin AFB, West Texas. home of the 47th Flying Training Wing and the Border Eagle.
McClellan AFB. Sacramento. home of the Satellite Network & Space Lift Range Division.
McConnell AFB, "Providing Global Engagement for America" from the lovely state of Kansas.
Misawa AFB. "The Point on the Tip of the Spear."
35th Fighter Wing.
Moody AFB.
Osan AFB, Republic of Korea.
Ramstein AFB.
Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Home of the Air Education & Training Command.
Robins AFB.
Rome Laboratory. "The Air Force's Super Lab for C4I."
Scott AFB, Illinois.
Air Mobility Command.
Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX.
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City.
552nd Air Control Wing (AWACS). Complete with a Canadian component and everything.
Wright-Patterson AFB. Ohio. Huge.
Yokota AFB, Japan. 374th Airlift Wing, providing most of the heavy airlift throughout the western Pacific region.

Army -
Army Forces Command (FORSCOM).
US Army Reserve Command.
Army Times Publishing Company Server.
US Army Aviation and Troop Command (ATCOM). The Soldier is Our Customer. Supports aviation weapons systems that work well, and economically, and also supplies generators, shelters and other provisions.
Gen. Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library.
Get your old Field Manuals here!
US Army Chemical & Biological Defense Command Information Server.
US Army Corp of Engineers Information Network.
Charleston District, USACE.
US Army Digitization Office. "First on the Digital Battlefield. Modelling- and simulation-related activities, as well as technology research, integration and deployment. Please also see their fun page of related links.
US Army Kuwait.
US Army Operational test & Evaluation Center. "Our operational test and evaluation efforts are devoted to ensuring the soldier's equipment and systems are effective, suitable and survivable. Our success will be reflected in a modernized, integrated strategic force capable of decisive victory."
US Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences.
US Army Reserve Personnel Center Homepage.
US Army Signal Corps, Fort Gordon, Georgia.
US Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command.
US Army Special Operations Forces.
Vision 2010.
Baumholder, Germany.
Grafenwoehr, / Vilseck, Germany.
ROK-US Army Combined Forces Command. Yongsan Army Garrison, South Korea.
Picatinny Arsenal.
Rock Island Arsenal,
White Sands Missile Range.

Marines -
Marine Forces Reserve.
Camp Smedley D. Butler, and Camp Fuji.
Camp Joseph H. Pendleton, the Corps largest amphibious assault training facility.

Navy -
Commander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet (CINCPACFLT).
  • US Pacific Command (PACOM).
  • Pacific Strike Fighter Community.
    Hosted by Naval Air Station Lemoore.
    Command, Naval Surface Atlantic (COMSURFLANT). Readiness, training, tactics and doctrine. Also, "the world's greatest maintenance team"!
    Naples, Italy Naval Support.
    NAVAIR HQ. Naval Aviation Systems Team Headquarters.
    Naval Air Warfare Center - Indianapolis.
    Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division.
    Naval Air Warfare Center - Training Systems.
    Naval Air Warfare Center - Weapons Division.
    Naval Aviation Depot Jacksonville. "Naval Aviation Depot provides repair, overhaul, maintenance, engineering and logistical services for U. S. Naval Fleet aircraft and components."
    Naval Research Laboratories - Information Technology Division.
    Naval Surface Warfare Center - Dahlgren Division. This is a fairly big site, lots of links to assorted subdomains of interest.
    Crane Division. Mission: to " Provide quality and responsive engineering and industrial base support of weapon systems, subsystems,equipments and components, as assigned by the Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center. "
    Indian Head Division. "Providing full-spectrum ENERGETIC SOLUTIONS to the Defense Community." - Actually, I do believe that they "blow things up real good".
    Lemoore NAval Air Station. "The Navy's Master Jet Station of the Future."
    Naval Submarine Systems.
    Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
    Naval Warfare Assessment Division. Gauges the warfighting capacity of ship and weapons systems, from small unit to battlegroup level.
    Pacific Ranges and Facilities.
    Pacific Missile Range Facility. Located in Lovely Hawai'i, they not only test munitions, but help operate the Maui Space Surveillance Site at Mount Haleakala.
    Submarine Maintenance Engineering Planning and Procurement Activity.

  • The Military Industrial Complex

    Secure/Dedicated-Corporate and MilCorps

    Didn't "Ike" warn us about these guys in the late '50's?


    Also see MilCorps and FedCorps for many more informative listings.
    The Aerospace Corporation.
    The Mitre Organization.
    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). These guys have a finger in every military R & D pie. Huge. Spooky.

    Acquisition, Integration & Spin-Off

    ACETEF. The Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility Team, Patuxent River (PAX) Naval Air Base, Maryland. These guys run simulators and that sort of thing.
    Argonne National Laboratory, Modelling and Simulation - develops computational modelling for anticipation of logisital needs, develops strategic planning systems, etc. More of a civilian organization, very much into aerospace and flight systems in other divisions.
    Defense Programs Department of Energy. These are the guys responsible for managing nuclear waste dumps.
    Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.
    responsible for independent, external oversight of all activities in DOE's nuclear weapons complex affecting nuclear health and safety
    China Lake Technology Transfer, US Navy.
    Modelling and Simulation Links from the Joint National Test Facility.
    SPARTA. I have no earthly idea.
    Autometrics makes a really nice 3D/4D visualization and simulation system, for real-time conversion of data into useful visual information.
    Booz, Allen and Hamilton. This page will tell you some of the things they do.
    Computer Sciences Corporation. Among other things, they're "changing the way the intelligence community uses cyberspace".
    Cordant, an information technology company, does support for various agencies and services.
    DCS Corporation. These folks make a variety of products that will be very useful to the increasingly automated and roboticized militaries of the future. Laser surface mapping, Global Positioning Satellite integration, robotic perception.
    GEC-Marconi Hazeltine. C3I/datacom, navigational systems, satellite communications.
    General Analytics Corporation/Information Engineering and Professional Services Division. Geographic services, Army Stationing and Installation Plan.
    GTE in Massachesetts. C3I among other things.
    Magnavox Electronic Systems Company (Hughes Defense Communications). Taking a Forward Position in the information war arena. Smart. Very smart.
    Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space. They have a nice little business in defense, I must say. I'm not entirely sure, but I think these are the guys that Eisenhower warned us about.
    Metron, Inc. Software tools for military modelling, simulation, threat tracking and expert-system strike-decision tools.
    Nichols Research Corporation. More C3I research and information-systems management.
    TASC, Inc., applied information technology development and integration. Among other things, they have an excellent commercial weather service, and provide computer support to several of the more advanced US Intelligence and preparedness organizations.
    Terrain Modelling Project Office. Closely associated with the Defense Mapping Agency, the TMPO is one of the driving forces behind the terrain-contour databases and planetary modelling initiatives. They say, simply enough, that they exist to serve the modelling and simulation communities.
    Whittaker Electronic systems. Advanced Early Warning, C3I survivability, weapons-system R & D.

    Military Enthusiasts & Afficianados

    Military Commo Equipment List. Equipment data and part-number descriptions for all sorts of military communications gear and related equipment!
    Military Vehicle Digest.
    Special Operations Warriors Homepage. The Special Operations Warriors Foundation provides college scholarships to the children of Special Operators killed in real-world missions and in training accidents.
    Freedom Through Vigilance

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