Top of the list - The ISODE Consortium who brought you things like X500, SMTP, SNMP, MIME and other little things like that which make th eInternet such a cool place. Next would be The X Consortium who brought us X-Windows, which is simply too cool to be believed... unless of course you use it all of the time and then there's no way you'd ever use anything else. Don't forget that you can get started on the world's fastest-growing operating-system, Linux, right here at this Slackware96 Archive. Remember, it's absolutely free.

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Applications Design & Information Management

Argonne National Laboratory Decision and Information Sciences.

Legacy-system upgrades/modernization and integration, inter-OS connectivity, network performance monitoring.
Barr Systems
Products page. A variety of large printer and printer-server spooling applications and systems for your mainframe and large-office needs.
Business Objects.
Data-mining tools for intelligent decision-making.
Candle Software.
Information- and database-management, automation control, etc.
Cayenne Software
A variety of tools for the applications designer, object-oriented modelling and construction, C++ development, database development and management etc.
Carnegie Group, Inc
Provides software development services that integrate advanced software technologies within a client/server architecture. Integrates its applications with clients' existing computing infrastructures, delivering solutions that leverage legacy system investment. Carnegie Group targets its services to clients in the telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, defense industries and healthcare.
Current Technologies.
Process control, framegrabber-to-neural-networks stuff, killer massively-parallel processor chips and C++ libraries, check these guys out.
Cyclic Software
Supports the CVS package, which assists in remote collaboration and multiple developers.
Dataware Technologies.
Information organization, search and retrieval and Internet Publishing tools, slanted towards large-scale information-management. If you're trying to put a library online, you might want to check out their products!
Evolutionary Technologies.
Multi-platform/multi-OS data transport and conversion.
Evolving Systems, Inc.
Software development and systems integration, specializing in: Computer Telephony Integration, Order Entry and Provisioning Systems, Wireless Network Elements, Billing and Rating Systems, Intelligent Networks, Network Management Solutions, Internet Services, and Local Number Portability.
InstallShield Corporation
Standard installation tools for the Microsoft Windows platforms.
"provides sophisticated, object-oriented environments for designing, developing, and delivering applications that allow organizations to reduce costs and become more competitive by gaining a greater understanding of business engineering decisions through business modeling".
Logix Development Corporation.
"Logix Development Corporation excels in the creation of software and custom database programming. In the last five years, we have standardized on the Clarion system for our DOS based business systems, and we have also written an extension to the Clarion language."
World-standard simulators for integrated circuit design.
Objective Systems Integrators (OSI).
Operations Support Systems and Network Integration. Makers of NetExpert. " OSI's products defy classification because they are used to create management systems that are applied in more diverse communications markets than can be matched by any competitor. NetExpert software systems support the operations of telecommunications and computer networks and systems throughout the world. Virtually any communications system containing elements that are capable of reporting status can be managed using NetExpert.... NetExpert accomplishes this with intelligence that perceives the managed environment similarly to the way humans do: as a series of objects. In the world, objects, such as people, furniture, or plants, can be grouped by class based on "instances," such as male people, glass tables, and flowering plants; the groups can be divided into subclasses down to the individual male, table, or plant; and objects, instances, classes, and subclasses can exist in relation to one another, such as a male sitting at a table that holds a flowering plant. " Networked artificial intelligence?
Rational Software.
Software mostly aimed at serious developers for the business community.
SAS Institute.
Business software, Online Analytical Processing and Data Visualization.

Multimedia & Product-Package Enhancement

"designs, creates, develops, documents, and tests interactive multimedia software as a "development partner" with a number of multimedia publishers and distributors. "

Platform Migration

One-Up Corporation.
"The Industry Leader In Porting and Migration Methodology."
PSW Technologies Software Technology Page.
With quite the impressive clients-list, PSW Technologies also states that they have a one- to two-year lead on the competition when it comes to application design and software development, support and porting, particularly object-oriented C ports to and from NT and Unix. They're presently working on porting Lotus Notes (tm, Lotus Development Corp) from the MS-based platforms to other platforms. Hopefully they'll come up with a Linux version.

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