If you really think about it, this is why the Internet exists: for the free and timely dissemination of knowledge. Science builds upon itself, and each specific discipline is informed by and informs other disciplines. Physics cannot exist without mathematics, engineering cannot exist without physics, and medicine and chemistry are codependant on all of the above bodies of knowledge. The purpose of this page is to gather as many references as possible to as diverse as possible disciplines, studies and fields of research. Perhaps simple alphabetic propinquity may give people new and exciting ideas!

Well, scratch that last idea, people were complaining about getting lost.

This page is going to be split into the various subdisciplines. For now, it will remain as a metaindex for the disciplines below, while specific disciplines will get their own pages - academia will have its own page, physics its own page, associations will be listed here as well as on specific subdiscipline pages, etc. and all will be metarelated mostly by hand for now.


Academics & Academic Associations | Associations of Scientific Industries and Trades | Biology, Nature, Ag, & Genetics | Computing | Engineering, Chemical & Process | Engineering, Civil, Industrial (non-chemical) & Megascale | The Future | Imaging & Instrumentation | Mathematics | Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemistry | Micro & Nanotech | Physics |

A list of interesting United States Federal research servers.

Lablink. The Department of Defense master-list of public-accessible laboratories and research facilities.
Technical Information Web (DoD).
Office of Scientific and Technical Information, of the US Department of Energy.

Academics & General Science: Physics & Mathematics

MetaIndexed: Please see

Academia & Academic Associations.
Associations of Scientific Industries and Trades.
The Physics Page.

Biology, Nature, Agriculture & Genetics

Try the US National Biological Service gateway to listings of a great many Biological Information Servers. See also their Directory of Biological Data and Information.

Metaindexed: Please see

The Biology Page.


Civil Engineering is listed under Construction & Site Emplacement, as is

Chemical, Process & Materials Engineering

Chemical Technology & Materials Sciences Homepage, the University of Delft, the Netherlands.

Civil, Design & Physical Engineering

Microelectronics Engineering Dept 602, Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center.

Cutting Edge & Technology Transfer

Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories Technology Transfer Homepage.
The Future.


See also the Imaging, Graphics, Visualization and Modelling Page.

Mettler Toledo. Precision scales, analytical instruments.
Rheometric Scientific. Rheometers, thermal analysis instrumentation.
Universal Instrumentation. "Technology for Electronics Circuit Assembly."

Computing & Robotics

MetaIndexed: Please see
The Academia & Academic Associations Page.
The Associations of Scientific Industries and Trades Page.
The Computing MetaIndex Page.
The Graphics, Imaging & Modelling Page.
The Nanotechnology Page.
The Robotics Page

The Medicine Page is now up. It's somewhat difficult to sort out what's science from what's medicine, for instance, in the fields of biology, agriculture, animal husbandry, and genetic research, it's very difficult to decide exactly where to draw the line. There's a great deal of overlap in many of the fields, and soon I'll toss together a sort of MetaPage, where I'll have all of the listings that either fall under multiple categories, or which have interdisciplinary applications. For instance, Ultrasound Imaging has applications in medicine, industry, graphics and high-performance computing/modelling. Nanotechnology, now mostly experimental, will doubtless revolutionize medicine, especially in combination with genetic engineering, and both are intensely impacted by advances in molecular computational-modelling.

Maybe, though, I'll just leave those multidisciplinary uncategorizables right here, and simply create new pages for increasingly precise specializations in science and industry. In fact, that's what I am now doing, see below and pick a MetaIndex Page that suits your interests, those are now the top-level directories in this particular humble info-tree.

Next project - metaindex of the medicine page.

Servers Hosting Technology Companies

Stargate Connections. Follow their technology-company links!
NASA Scientific and Technical Server.

Publishers for Scientific Subjects

Birkhauser Boston Publishers. Scientific Publishers in the mathematical, physical, biologic and biomedical and engineering/architectural fields. They have a most-excellent set of links to most scientific disciplines.

Scientific Article Online Archives

Berkeley Labs Scientific-Article Archive.

State-of-the-Art: Peer Journals

New findings not yet properly filed...

Biophysics Journal.
Chemical Week Magazine.
Chemistry & Industry Magazine.
European Molecular Biology Network.
Frontiers in Science.
Journal of Biological Chemistry.
Journal of Chemical Physics.
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design.
Journal of Microbial and Comparative Genomics
Journal of Molecular Biology.
Journal of Molecular Modelling.
Nanotechnology Magazine.
Protein Science.
Scientific Computing and Automation.
Semiconductor Process Equipment and Materials Network.

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