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Science & Government

In modern times, scientific research is no longer the domain of the individual scientist working alone or in cooperation with a select staff, nor even the domain of the small corporation. Fundamental advances in the sciences, as a rule, are now dependent upon the sort of investments and cash-outlays of which only governments are capable.

Here are some of the agencies which fund or regulate fundamental scientific research, or the applications thereof, organized alphabetically by country:


Communication Research Centre Canada.
National Defense R & D Branch Canada.
National Research Council Canada.
NRC Research Institutes. This is the top-down list of everything!
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Canada.

United States of America

An excellent list of facilities is maintained by the US Department of Energy.

Sandia Laboratories Corporation a division of Lockheed Martin, which operates this top-flight lab network for the Federal Government.
Sandia Laboratories California. State of the art and their press-releases page is always worth a perusal.

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