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Business InterNetWorking Solutions Providers

Andrulis Corporation. "The Process Company."
ASA Consulting, Inc. LAN consulting and support services across the eastern half of the US. Novell LAN and corporate WAN. Sterling, VA.
AURUM Software has a line of products that enhances distributed communications within sales and marketing forces.
Business Information Network, Inc. Infosystems consulting, development and deployment.
Broadway & Seymour provides information technology solutions for customer-service and the financial and professional service industries.
Business Support Group of Michigan. They provide a range of services from client-server implimentation, software/ahrdware needs analysis, systems integrations, manufacturing process-control software, network design and management, connectivity, and training.
Carnegie Group, Inc provides software development services that integrate advanced software technologies within a client/server architecture. ntegrates its applications with clients' existing computing infrastructures, delivering solutions that leverage legacy system investment. Carnegie Group targets its services to clients in the telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, defense industries and healthcare.
CIOE Corporation. Statewide in Indiana. A provider of LAN/WAN, installation, maintenance, and Internet Connectivity, oriented towards business.
Concorde Group " will configure and integrate SUN, HP, and SGI UNIX-RISC systems and peripherals to your specifications. Our large portfolio of industrial strength servers, workstations, security products, performance enhancement software, storage management solutions, RAID technology, high availability configurations, VME components, and networking line gives you the broadest product selection possible. "
Cost Management Systems, Inc (CMS) provides both software development and networking solutions to Fortune 100 companies and governmnet.
DAZEL Corporation. They make the DAZEL Output Server, which serves fax, web, e-mail, etc, in a corporate mainserver schema.
EMC Corporation. " EMC is the world leader in the field of enterprise-wide information storage and retrieval technology. It is known for its revolutionary Integrated Cached Disk Array design, which is the basis of its Symmetrix® storage systems for mainframe and open systems computer platforms, its Centriplex storage systems for open systems computing environments, and its Harmonix products for midrange (IBM AS/400) and open computer systems. EMC's products enable reliable and rapid access to vast amounts of information and are often considered a competitive advantage by businesses that use them. "
ENTEX. Network design, services, and operations, cooperative services, lifecycle management, migration services, National Project support services,
Ericsson. A vast range of products are available from this telecommunications giant. Their product line covers almost any imaginable aspect of business networking, from internal LAN hardware to international microwave and satellite linkages.
Fujitsu has a vast array of connectivity and corporate intranet solutions.
International Business Machines (IBM)'s Networking Page. Need I say more? And here is their main server, and they've also got their own Network Access service.
Market Vision "is the leader in enterprise information management for the financial community. The demands of real-time data and guaranteed delivery of transactions are solved by our switch-based integration software, MV Link. This client/server software offers the most comprehensive middleware technology for front office to back office connectivity. The open architecture of MV Link and our enterprise toolkit, enables customers to seamlessly integrate proprietary mission-critical information across multiple platforms. Distributed computing environments utilize Market Vision's publish and subscribe technology as a foundation for their business to business connectivity in the global arena of electronic commerce." MCC Systems. Advanced computer integratin for corporate accounts in the London \(area code 519) area.
MCI Systemhouse. This could be the start of a true integration giant in business telecommunications solutions.
Novell. Networking solutions for the UNIX-impaired. If you run DOS or Windows or any other expensive operating system, Novell has expensive networking solutions. They are the standard for industry by which others are judged.
NTT Data Corproration. A spin-off of the giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, " is the premier information systems and computer networking company in Japan. We create value for our clients with total information services --strategic planning, systems planning, systems design and installation, systems maintenance and facility management. NTT DATA does not manufacture hardware; it integrates hardware and software for multivendor computers and information systems, building flexible and creative solutions that precisely meet its clients' needs. "
Proxicom (formerly Proxima, Inc.). Business conenctivity and solutions provider, intranets, interactive products, websites, etc.
PSW Technologies Business Systems Page. " Object-Oriented business solutions, distributed-computing services, enterprise consulting services, billing systems, application design, etc. " Well-positioned to provide a jump on any of their competition and their clients list is quite impressive.
QMS, Inc. offers network printing solutions, such as departmental or enterprise printing systems, color printers, centralized print distribution facilities, ↦c. They manufacture printers, and are a leader in technological innovations in the color printing industry.
Redbridge Corporation. Data analysis and datadesign, Oracle and SAP oriented. Inter-and-intranet design and server emplacement.
Siemens Business Communication Systems. This electronics giant is making enormous contributions to the business-communications revolution. Take a look at this page!
SSDS, Inc is a systems integrator developing information-technologies infrastructures. Customer Support, Network and System Management, Security, Information Integration, and Infrastructure Integration among other things, also electronic Commerce Solutions.
StratusComputer, Inc, offers a very wide range of business solutions, servers, etc, on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems, especially into integrated distributed computing for industry.
Sybase has an immense line of data-warehousing products, client-server architecture of course.
Thurber Technology Group provides Internet and Intranet services, technology integration and Sun/SPARC reseller services in Oregon, also develops assorted software packages including enhance firewalls and secure corporate WNA/LAN Intranet.
Vinca. Backup and standby servers for corporate intra- and internets.

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