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You know, space is great. Not much fun to live in at this point in time, unless you really like sharing a two-room apartment with a dozen people for months at a stretch. You can't even go outside and get a breath of fresh air. There isn't any.

Remember, though, humanity continues through watersheds. At one time, more people lived by hunting than by farming. Once, more farmed than lived in cities. Once, more information was stored in people's minds than in books or information-retrieval systems. Human society continues to evolve at a dizzying pace, though our physique and instincts remain largely unchanged. One day, more of us will live off Earth than live on it, assuming that we have the sense to keep our options open.

This page is dedicated to the people, places and projects that are keeping our options open. Another such links-page, and a most excellent one, is maintained by LaunchSpace.

See also Space.Com.

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Probes and Missions

Space Transportation Programs Office.

Please see the Rotary Rocket Page for more inormation on a fairly-unique design concept, the Roton. It takes off like a rocket, and lands like a helicopter.

Mars Pathfinder
Military launch vehicles.

Commercial and Spin-Off.
  • The Aerospace Corporation.
    They do all sorts of things, from supporting the military in space-access to promoting peaceful industrial and scientific uses of space and space-access technology.
  • Alliant TechSystems Aerospace Systems
    Solid-fuel propellant systems and composite systems. They produce the motors for the Delta series of launch vehicles. They are also into state-of-the-art munitions propellants.
  • AlliedSignal Aerospace.
    Turbofans, lifesupport, engine control systems. A leader in cabin-pressurization.
  • Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
    This division of the food-container industry-giant has a remarkable level of involvement in various space-mission systems, particularly in sensors and imaging.
  • Computational Physics.
    Advanced R & D and technology development in atmospheric and space physics.
  • Center for Microgravity Automation Technology (CMAT).
    A subdivision of the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, CMAT seeks to advance the potential of space-based industrial processes.
  • Harris Electronic Systems Aerospace.
    Systems integration, remote sensing, telemetry. they're primarily into communications as far as aerospace goes.
  • Hamilton-Standard.
    "[A] division of United Technologies Corporation, .... designs and manufactures four core aerospace product lines: engine control systems, environmental control systems, propeller systems and flight systems. Its products serve the commercial, military, regional, general aviation and space markets."
  • Omitron.
    Specializing in ground-support equipment, primarily satellite-ground data communications equipment.
  • Orbital Science Corporation.
    Orbital is probably the closest thing to a commercial space-access company. I like their Taurus vehicle. It's versatile, road-transportable, and can reliably place 3,000 pounds in low-earth orbit. Orbital also builds, and can launch, custom-designed satellites up to the two-ton range. Orbital also just got the contract for the development and testing of the X-34 vehicle, which vehicular type will undoubtedly be the successor to the aging STS shuttle fleet, a very reusable fast-turnaround smallscale workhorse for ground-orbit-ground transfer of materiel and personnel.
  • Rockwell Aerospace.
    They built the engines for the Saturn V, among other things.
    Sundstrand Aerospace
    Electric power systems, mechanical and fluid systems, power systems, environmental control systems. They also make small-turbine power systems.
  • TGV Rockets.
    Bethesda, Maryland. Low-cost and reusable launch vehicles, scalable modular design.
  • United Space Alliance.
    A joint venture between Rockwell and Lockheed-Martin.
  • Whittaker Aerospace.
    Control systems, etc.

Space-Based Industry Technologies

Eventually, we at EarthOps hope that the vast majority of industry can be moved off-planet, not only permitting the ecology to regenerate, but also permitting us to develop to full advantage technologies which can be used only in microgravity environments. Here are some interesting technologies enabling space manufacture.

  • The Modular Electromagnetic Levitator
    "[P]rovides principal investigators with a high-efficiency containerless melting facility in space. The laboratory is designed to levitate, melt, and cool metal samples, which may be rotated or magnetically damped within the electromagnetic field."