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You had better hope to God that this is fiction.

The Historical Background

The Assassinations

For the insurgency to gain a primary foothold in any given area, they must first remove anyone who they believe to be alert enough to immediately notice their presence or operations. There are a variety of techniques. Wherever possible, they prefer to remove the opposition through non-violent means. If they were, for instance, to completely remove an entire primary teir of counter-intelligence specialists, they would tend to arouse the suspicion of the secondary and tertiary teirs. The insurgency seems to be primarily operating under the theory that if you kill the head, the body will follow, but moreso they seem to be operating under the theory that it is better to incapacitate or compromise the extant heads than to kill the head and have it possibly be replaced by a more-effective head. Thus, wherever possible, direct assassinations are avoided, with an emphasis placed on discreditation.

(For an excellent example of such operations as Discreditation, see this article on Scientology - Religion or Intelligence Agency.)

Where discreditation is not easily done, direct physical attacks will be performed, but wherever possible, these attacks will not be blatant, and they will only as a last resort use any weapons that will be readily identified as weapons. "Plausible deniability" must be always maintained.

If at all possible, combinations of weapons and technique will be used so that wherever possible, the attacks themselves cannot be readily identified as attacks. If the head must not be killed, one does not do well to leave the body in good condition, and so many of these attacks are, as single instances, little more than a nuisance, but in concatenation, they add up to both mental incapacitation and physical mayhem, or permanent disability or disfigurement.

It cannot be overemphasised that the insurgents absolutely depend on plausible deniability. That is to say, they must at all times be able to defend themselves with indignant accusations of hallucinations on the part of their victims. Getting caught with a smoking gun would not be conducive to "plausible deniability" and so they prefer to adapt commercially-available products to suit their espionage and assassination needs. If such products are available only through the criminal or clandestine sector, that's fine with them, even less chance of accountability and they will make every effort possible to penetrate and assume control of large sectors of the criminal-enterprise venues.

Please note that the premier venue for special-weapons-and-tactics tends to be public places, with a preference given to anyplace where "neutral witnesses" or surveillance cameras may be spoofed into support of "plausible deniability". For instance, if one can block a camera's view of a provocation with one's body, the camera will see only the response to the provocation, furthering the "he just went crazy for no reason" plausible-deniability approach.

Also note that "plausibly-deniable weapons" are characterized by, where possible, being composed of material that does not film well due to:

A note - persons in military uniform at low rank are the prime targets of the insurgency. Any enlisted personnel visiting the area can expect to never leave it, or at least not in any state that could possibly be useful to either the main military, or to any resistance or militia. For some reason, the insurgency mostly leaves officers alone, scrupulously, rather than chance someone with a good record being in a position combining Awareness, Training and Connections giving the alarm - which in the Washington DC area might already be too late. If a person would like to test this out, all they will need to do is to appear in public in most Montgomery County Maryland suburbs wearing military-cut clothing or any camoflage colors.

Weapons observed in use by insurgents in the Washington DC area include, but are not limited to:


First and foremost - if you see anything orienting towards your eyes, squint, evade, and block your eyes. Also expect physical attacks to be directed at you from within the optical shadow created by your blocking! Also note that the primary initial uses of optical weapons (see above), particularly in the low-power IR and UV ranges, is to slowly erode your peripheral vision. Makes it a lot easier to sneak up on you.

If you enter any store or office and you see someone starting to move to your rear and close in on you, prepare to get out quickly. If simultaneously someone starts moving to block the door, it is time to bolt out of there.

If you see anyone entering a strange posture, as if they were holding an invisible spear, get out of the axis of that invisible spear. They may well be preparing to run you through with a long, thin piece of optically-correct plastic. Note that these plastic spears can be of almost any length from about eight feet long down to mere inch-long slivers.

Also observed has been fairly complex equipment made out of nearly-transparent materials. One such observed device was as best we could tell a functional crossbow made almost entirely out of nearly-transparent plastic, complete with a plastic quarrel.

If you see someone approaching holding what appears to be a small tab of flesh-tone plastic, be ready to jump - it could be attached to a very thin stiff piece of conductive wire, the other end of which is connected (via the handling tab) to a stun gun.

If anyone walks up way too close to you in line, particularly in areas where your ability to move is restricted, be ready to spin and strike, be be advised - the insurgents practice a technique where one will harass you from the rear, and when you turn, you will be struck by the person to whom you have just presented your back, in rather the same way that attacking wolves dash in to strike at the hamstring of a bull brought to bay.

Be particularly alert to situations where the stores seem to be designed to either hem you in to where you have no latitude of motion, or where the lobbies are designed to permit people to walk up to your rear totally unobstructedly, particularly in situations where views from the outside are extremely obstructed. Consider any shop that has restricted views from the street, despite architecture to the contrary, to probably be an enclave held by the insurgency.

Be very cautious when using public transportation. It's very common for an insurgent to take up a place on the bus where they have control of access or egress. Wherever possible, they also seem to be targeting the employment position of bus-driver. Since most local busses have two-way radios, it's quite possible for the drivers to generate and relay intelligence on habitual or frequent riders. It must be noted here that as a rule, when the insurgents have acquired a position as bus-driver, they are not at all averse to allowing situation on their bus to be "out of control" - so far as non-insurgents are concerned. They're also in a prime position to engage in discreditation and deception, passing false tales to cause resistance or suspected-resistance personnel to be targeted by non-insurgent dupes.

Post Offices are prime targeting zones. The US Postal Service, which is not a Federal Agency (though it does enjoy special legal status) has been one of the most consistent adherents to New-Citizen Hiring programs, and in some regions the Post Offices are aggressively targeted by insurgents for total staff replacement. In such Post Offices, extremely bad things can happen and if you think that the friendly staff won't go postal on you if you try to defend yourself from some "ringer" sent in to take you from the rear, you can be taken out very quickly. They have well-established disposal protocols in place; you're just another large package to be delivered.

Beware the dreaded Foreign Teen Ninja Vixens. Whenever possible, insurgents use the laws and law-abiding tendencies of most unAware Americans as an aid to their activities. They quite commonly will send teenagers, generally disguised as gangsters or ganster-wannabees, to do their dirtiest work for them. This is a particularly insidious technique, since if one teen can flee removing any evidence against them, any adult defending themselves can wind up in big trouble for "assaulting a minor".

Beware! Assassins may be all about you, and due to the multi-generational nature of The Insurgency and The War, that cute young white boy may have a perfect American accent and indeed may be your homeboy - but his allegiances will be to a monstrous and discredited ideology distilled into a well-trained human weapon whose contempt for you is boundless and whose hatred is beyond monstrous. You are everything that he and his parents were bred and raised to hate and destroy.

Overheard (04 Aug 1997 @ 15:05 datestamp register # 06) in the Rockville, Maryland (20850) Main Post Office, from some skinny-headed baseball-cap-wearing Spetznaz gangsta, when asked by a real American "you aren't gonna do that to him are you?" - :

"Better him than you!" - - delivered with a smirk. And he did (the plastic fishhook in the occiputal neck muscles). And the American didn't do a damned thing.

Be advised that in the areas controlled by The Insurgency, the Star Spangled Banner no longer waves over the home of the Free, and certainly no longer over the home of the Brave.

Be very ashamed.

Learn to fight.

The Insurgency

The Resistance

The Lockdown

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