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You had better hope to God that this is fiction.

This page is in process, waiting for the insurgents to reveal themselves. Face it, you have no idea who they are, do you? Besides the obvious culprits, I mean... but this insurgency is based on deception... and so of course the ones you fear the least are most probably the highest ranking officers in the insurgency.

The Historical Background

The Assassinations

From the US Army Training Manual Military Operations in Low-Intensity Conflict, Chapter 2 "Insurgency and Counterinsurgency": "An insurgency is an organized, armed political struggle whose goal may be the seizure of power through revolutionary takeover and replacement of the existing government. In some cases, however, an insurgency's goals may be more limited. For example, the insurgency may intend to break away from government control and establish an autonomous state within traditional ethnic or religious territorial bounds. The insurgency may also only intend to extract limited political concessions unattainable through less violent means.

To undertake an insurgency against the armed power of the state is a bold act, but the success of past insurgencies clearly demonstrates that the effort can be successful. Insurgencies generally follow a revolutionary doctrine and use armed force as an instrument of policy. At first, they usually have few resources other than the dedication of their members and the strength of their cause. Successful insurgents devise means to convert their own weaknesses into strengths and to turn the government's strengths into weaknesses."

The Insurgency

The Sleepers

Some seem to come from here. They don't. Please re-read the Historical Background. First off, during the 1950s and all subsequent times, fairly large numbers of specially-trained Soviet agents entered the country. Some had been here since the 1930s, paving the way. It is well-known that the Soviets had entire cities, several small towns actually, whose entire layout was designed to mock generic American downtowns, where only English was spoken, where all brands were American brands or mockups thereof. Children were raised in American culture, for the most part, but with a lot of Soviet-communist ideology thrown in. The people produced by this process are culturally and linguistically indistinguishable from Americans, except for their goals and ideologies.

Some obviously come from other places. There has been, due to various repressive regimes overseas (quite often supported by American foreign-policy), a steady stream of deserving refugees arriving on American soil. Unfortunately, with all such migrations, there have inevitably been emplaced those whose mission was simply to take advantage of new and developing refugee communities as a camoflage ground. Within Korean communities are the inevitable North Korean spies. Within the Vietnamese communities, there are the inevitable representatives of the Hanoi regime. Within the Cubano communities, there are the inevitable agents of the Castro regime, and indeed, within all legitimate refugee communities are hidden their enemies - who are often as not also the enemies of America.

There are also the border jumpers. Many of these are people who found hometown pressures intolerable, and they have sought a better life here in America. We would of course hope that they would prefer to enter legally, but sometimes the lines are too long and good people will cross the border illegally, and such persons find a well-established system for finding them work and securing forged documentation. But it is also true that many of the people who disregard the laws of national sovereignity will also break other laws as well. In California, in Arizona, In New Mexico, in Texas - in all of these places too many of those who illegally cross the border cross as armed criminals, carrying illegal contraband, largely marijuana or cocaine, but increasingly Mexico has become the source or transshipment zone for the world's best and most potent heroin. Those who direct such crossings are clearly to be viewed as at least lieutenants in the Insurgency. They may be independent for now - but it can be reasonably predicted that rival organizations of low-level criminal entrepreneurs will solve their internecine conficts and form cartels exactly as they have done in Columbia and within Mexico as well - and this will be an escalation of the cadres that are presently responsible for the transborder shipments of literally tens of thousands of tons of potent addictive poisons - and this escalation will become an increasingly important factor, both in illegitimate criminal enterprise and in semi-legit or legitimate politics, particularly as most of the transborder operations are increasingly falling under the sway of a group of bi-national or multinational gangsters who categorize their political allegiances as not to the United States, nor to the corrupt government of Mexico.

They call themselves, quite often, the " La Raza Nation of Aztlan". Their proclaimed goal? The "Reconquista" of the formerly-Spanish American Southwest. There are subdivisions within th ideology whose goal it is to reclaim the former hegemonies of this or that pre-Columbian Native culture. While the legitimacy of such claims may be discounted on the basis of this or of that historical knowledge, do not at all discount the fervor of those who are commited to such ideology.

Evne less should you discount those who are committed to other ideologies, and who manipulate the adherents of such ideologies as are discussed, as mere examples, above.

And the well-trained and ideologically-pure multi-generation Soviet "sleepers", now on their own, self-funding and uncontrolled by the KGB (except insofar as they have been co-opted and absorbed the Russian Mafia, into which certain sectors of the KGB has evolved) since the Soviet Union collapsed, in collaboration with the perfectly-camoflaged Cubano agents of the Castro regime, increasingly flavor their ideology in furtherance of their own long-term goals. Through banks in the Caribbean, they also increasingly launder the illicit cash receipts of the drug-trade and also do more than a little skimming to better fund their own pet projects.

Many of those refugees, both legitimate and criminal, who came from Latin America's war-torn countries are familiar with this process and attempt to use the ideologies promulgated by the "sleepers" to further their own goals. Of course the "sleepers" are aware of this, and tend to let their "trusted lieutenants" give the "cognoscenti" their free reign - for now. But as is clearly stated in Lenin's seminal Two Tactics of the Social Revolution, it is better to let someone else start the insurrection for you. The "Nation of Aztlan" dupes will make perfect lackeys and admirable running-dogs in this endeavor. And they will cleverly not be told of the following tenets of the Two Tactics: When all is in disarray, a program of assassinations of the heads of the insurgency will consolidate power in the hands of the intensely-disciplined Communist Party (the "sleepers" and their cadre), and further moves will be made to lock down the conquest.

It cannot be sufficiently strongly stated, however, that by no means are all of the Latin Americans now resident, legally or otherwise, part of this. Many are indeed simply searching for a better life in America. These persons will quickly let go political or guerilla ties to their former homelands and communities. They know what war was like and do not want one here.

All of the insurgents are already in place, securing their positions, consolidating their venues, fortifying or gaining passive-control of chokepoints, be they physical or of-process.

Now, all that is needed is the Invasion itself.

The Invasion

The Resistance

The Lockdown

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