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You had better hope to God that this is fiction.

The Historical Background

The Assassinations

The Insurgency

The Invasion

The invaders have not yet shown their hand since the insurgency has yet to notify them that all is well and that they may waltz right in and set up permanent residence as the new overlords.

All that remains is a few more military-base closures in strategic areas, a few more troops deployed overseas, a little more downsizing of the standing army coupled with constant "re-invention" in slow pace along unworkable antiquated or forward-looking maladaptive models, a little more Federalization of State Guards, a little more dismemberment of citizen's militias, a little more bureaucratization of the police departments and hamstringing of elected sheriff's departments, and invasion will be a simple taks, and indeed, some say, imminent.

The invaders are not to be confused with the illegal popular migration of war-criminals and the lackeys of overthrown former Communist regimes and insurgencies from Central America.

The Resistance

The Lockdown

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