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You had better hope to God that this is fiction.

The Historical Background

The Assassinations

The Insurgency

The Invasion

The Resistance

The Lockdown

Once Lockdown has been achieved, no news comes out which is not pleasant propaganda, fabricated "feel-good all-is-well" blurbs espoused from the mouths of cheerful talking-head media figures. But within any area which has been locked-down, brutal suppression and in fact eradication of all opposition, real or potential, is the order of the day.

Lockdown can occur practically overnight, with people waking up and, unless they are very paranoid individuals, not even noticing that while the uniforms and equipment are the same, their entire police force has been replaced.

Properly administered, initial lockdown does just this, replaces the systems which were formerly protective, and carries on as if nothing were changed, insofar as such a pose does not conflict with the ideological or political underpinnings which motivate the insurgency. Depending on the degree of finess of the insurgency, it may be that the only way to tell that one has been locked-down is by activity which is uncharacteristic of loyalist systems, such as one's police-force giving aid and comfort to the invader.

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