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You had better hope to God that this is fiction.

Some of this material is historical and factual in nature. Some of it is speculation. Some of it is forecasting. Many of the links are reporting. Some links are to search engines. Please remember at all times that this is not necessarily "what is", but very easily "could be".

Also please keep in mind that prediction is not causation - but failure to ascertain the validity of facts redounds to your potential complicity, if only through inaction. It's always wise to "be prepared" for any eventuality, no matter how seemingly farfetched. Note also that where possible, links cited are from reputable organizations and persons reknowned for their adherence to "just the facts". I'm just putting all of the facts together, along with some raw speculation based on my own personal experience, and experiences of others which have been reported to me.

Let's all just hope this is mere speculative fiction.

The War is going on, right now, all around you. You are probably in one of four positions as regards The War. You are either:

Blissfully Unaware
Fully Aware and
an Active Collaborator
a Passive Collaborator
an Active Resister
Coming to an Awareness and
Believing yourself to be mistaken
Believing yourself to be insane (by design! - see this page for "plausibly-deniable weapons" information)
Compromised due to being in complete shock
Compromised due to inadequate preparation
Compromised by your inability to make any decisions in the absence of a declaration of war by legitimate or competant authority
Compromised by your indecision as to which roles or positions are occupied by those who surround you.
Fully Aware and moving to join the loyalists.

Your first duty is clearly to discover what is going on around you, so that you can

Escape -
The first duty of a prisoner, or of a potential combatant in any area that has been overrun, it to escape, and to regroup with your fellows.
Be aware that persons attempting to escape will encounter difficulties in escape, possibly even in preparation for escape.
Arm yourself -
Acquire whatever weapons you can.
Defend yourself -
Provision yourself -
Enlist in loyalist forces.

Don't forget to acquaint yourself with the basic Art of War (by Sun Tzu). Rest assured that the enemy have read it. You may also wish to take a look at Militia Doctrine, which has some nice listings of resources for resistance.

You will find this document particularly interesting: the US Army training manual Military Operations in Low-Intensity Conflict. At this point, that is how The War is presently being waged. While this document dates from the late Cold War, all of the basic principles of low-intensity conflict remain unchanged. It is also available here.

You may also find this document to be of interest - Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain, also available here. Much of the following document may be considered as a speculative synthesis of these two above-cited US Army Field Manuals combined with present trends as reported in various supposedly reputable news media.

We would like to direct you to more current US military resources, but we have arrived at the position that if you are a civilian, you may not understand; if you are a loyalist, you already know; if you are an enemy of the United States, I'll be damned if I'll point you to Us strategic thought resources.

The Historical Background

The Plan

The Assassinations

The Insurgency

The Invasion

The Resistance

The Lockdown

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