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Administration, Accounting & Management

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Accounting/auditing, tax, management consulting.

Africa (mostly South Africa)

SASOL (South Africa Coal, Oil & Gas Limited). " Sasol is renowned worldwide for a series of major innovations in designing and commercialising technologies for the production of high-quality synthetic fuels, such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas and furnace oils. Besides the range of liquid fuels, Sasol also produces more than 120 chemical products for the local and international markets. Foreign sales to more than 70 countries worldwide exceed R3,1 billion a year. Exports include fuel alcohols and a wide range of industrial solvents, acrylic fibres, ammonia, cresols, fertilizers, hexene-1, mining explosives accessories and systems, pentene-1, phenol and waxes. Including import savings, the Group's total foreign exchange earnings for the 1995/96 financial year exceeded R8 000 million.

During its first three decades, Sasol's primary drive was to produce a range of high-quality synthetic fuels, especially petrol and diesel, from coal. Since the mid-1980s, the group's emphasis has shifted towards developing and marketing higher-value chemicals for a wide spectrum of domestic and international markets. "

Baby Tigers (Pacific Rim)

Canon makes copiers, optical devices from binoculars to camcorders, computers and calculators, home entertainment applicances, etc.
Fujitsu makes a vast array of communications and computing hardware, accessories, software, and provides services in maintenance and optimization. They appear to be focussing on the corporate intranet and mobile communications.
Hitachi. Hitachi makes a wide spectrum of products, from the tiniest semiconductors to full-scale industrial automation and process control products. If you wanted to buy a factory that makes factories, Hitachi would be one of the first places that you would shop.
MTS Systems Corporation. They do materials testing, and make position and fluid-level sensors, servomotors and controllers, earthquake and ocean-wave simulators, and other advanced systems.
Titan Corporation. Information services and systems.
Twin Sun, Inc. This company makes software, particularly entertainment and shopping network server and access software, a very big market in Japan and Korea. Take a good look at their Monet (tm) page, if you're interested in what looks like a very powerful website authoring and server tool.

ABB Group. Rail, electrical power generation transmission and distribution, industrial and building systems.
Air Liquide is a major provider of industrial gases, primarily elemental gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. France, the US and Japan.
The Baan Company.Based in the Netherlands, Baan " is a leading supplier of open system, client/server-based, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This software is designed to provide multi-national, multi-site organizations with innovative products and services. Baan's ERP software enables these organizations to maintain a competitive advantage in the management of their critical business processes. "
British Petroleum (BP). Very big in oil and refining.
British Telecom (BT). Ma Bell, UK-Style. Now merging with MCI.
Ericsson. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, this telecommunications giant can provide you with almost any of your hardware needs, from giant optical systems to your cellular handset.
General Electric Company, p.l.c. Based in the UK, this is a worldwide leader in electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering. Subsidiaries include, among others, Hotpoint, Creda, Marconi and Avery.
Groupe Bull. Originating from France, Groupe Bull is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of Information/telecommunications technologies. They make some great little laptops, assorted smartcards, server software, etc. Very global.
Origin. Vertical-market information-systems management and development, and rated as one of the best in this field. Highly-related to Philips, see below. "Origin is a supplier of IT services to large and medium-sized companies and government organizations all over the world. The two company divisions focus on different aspects of the IT service sphere, with Origin IT Services concentrating on the provision of automation development and consultancy services, while Origin IT Systems Management focuses on the management of automation systems and networks. "
Philips Electronics N.V. This highly-transnationalized company produces a wide range of useful electronics, from medical imaging through consumer electronics.
Siemens. Communications, information technology, infra- and super-structure, Siemens has many facets. They also make trains and little things like that.
Siemens Business Communication Systems. This electronics giant is making enormous contributions to the business-communications revolution. Take a look at this page!

Middle East

Tadirian Telecommunications. Telecom, cellular, milcomm, interdisciplinary engineering, mostly telecomm and teledata.
Central and South American

Petroleos de Venezuala, S.A.. Take a look at some of their subsidiaries.
Royal Dutch Shell Oil. They have a fascinating History Page.
Tandem Chile S.A.. Tandem Computers in Chile and Peru.
Huge Transnational

ECI Telecom, Inc. Israel-based, ECI Telecom has a huge chunk of the DCME (digital circuit multiplicationequipment) market, pair-gain systems, access multiplexers and other access products, Synchronous Digital Heirarchy (SDH) equipment, and lots of WAN equipment. Very big, extremely transnational.
Kodak. Photographic film, equipment, image duplication and processing, archival film systems, digital imaging systems.
KLA Instruments Corporation. Yield management systems for the semicondutor industry. Defect detection, etc.
Simons. Large-scale engineering, mining, etc.
Sony. They make just about everything. A world leader in telecommunications, video, audio, you name it, they probably either make it or will be making it pretty soon. Also try their Home Page in Japan. There's also the Sony Communications Network.
North American Transnational

The Carlson Companies. Travel, Hospitality (Radisson, Suites by Carlson, TGI Friday's, etc.
KPMG International. The World's leading accounting and consulting firm.

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