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The mission of the District of Columbia's Office of Information and Telecommunications Systems (OITS) should be nicely expressed in only three words: "Make It Work".

Why? "Because we care".

Phase One: Meltdown Prevention

At this point, this office now has a computer that is connected to the Internet by a very fast high-capacity line. All authorized users can access this computer via dial-in modem or through the Internet via 'telnet', 'rlogin', or 'ssh' encrypted connection. Many authorized users can access this system via their connections through the LAN. This will back up the existing WAN. The Linux Host can serve webpages, perform mass-mailings to citizens with Internet access, distribute files, permit document creation or revision, etc. Note that even antiquated 286-processor machines can access the Linux Host through ordinary dial-out modem in the same way that they could call BBSes. No new software should be needed.

Repeat as necessary.

Phase Two: Bypassing the Present, Anticipating the Future

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