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Weirdness in all its Glory

Dammit, this last set of links dried up. but I'm leaving it as an example of transitory weirdness.

This is about the weirdest thing I've seen in maybe five years. Our star for 2006, Shaye Saint John. This site may very well eat your browser and cause previously unknown mental afflictions.

5 December 1998 - um, I have finally found something weirder than Washington, but oddly enough for the same reasons: it appears that in the New York gothic Vampire Underground, gang-warfare is brewing! Complete with a character-assassination page which is itself complete with a java-applet allowing you to throw darts at a picture of someone, which picture then bleeds.

This includes a cast of characters from all over the Darker Side of the Web ("one thing I never could stand about the internet, all of the damned vampires") which is a who's-who of vampiric net.kooks and is as unsupportably weird as one could hope. Allegations of cannibalism, necrophilia, child- and substance-abuse, false complaints to the cops and the Better Business Bureau all abound! Appallingly weird.

Definitely see Infiltration Organization. Urban exploration -- sneaking around in places you're not supposed to go, like sewers and abandoned buildings and old subway tunnels, etc -- is clearly for the weird.

Definitely see WeirdCrap. It's just so chock full of weirdness that we're embarassed to even try to compete.

You will definitely wish to see the Institute of Official Cheer, "Helping tomorrow feel superior by scoffing at yesterday". Among other things, they have the panty-dropping art of Art Frahm, the Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots, and the Board of Corporate Allegory. Encyclopaedically weird.

You might also want to see Elf Porn, which is rated X for both sex and pointed ears. "Real Elves in Real Porn!", yeah, it's weird if you're not an Elf, I guess. WARNING. When they say "real porn" they MEAN real porn.

Not exactly weird but you never know what those artists will draw: check out the Pin-up Links Page.

Not truly weird as such, but can get really weird really quickly: try the Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-Human Intelligences.

Fairly weird, if skeptically so, is sp00k Central, which has an hysterical outlook on things about which one should rightly be a bit cynical.

Entheogenistically weird, we have Truth Be Known by Acharya S. this has some fine rants about all sorts of things. I don't exactly agree nor disagree, this is the sort of thing I like to see, though. Agreeably weird!

Electrogravitically weird, ElectroGravity. This follows the generally discredited discoveries of T. Townsend Brown, who thought he had discovered antigravity produced by rapidly spinning discs of highly-charged metals and ceramics. It wasn't antigravity, but it was fairly interesting. This page has links to some of the best of crackpot science.

Stop Kitty Porn! No, I'm serious! I really am. Read and be disgusted. I bet you didn't know that this sort of thing went on, did you?

This page cannot be fully appreciated unless you've had too much coffee. So, take a look at the hero of excess-caffeination, Too Much Coffee Man.

For those who prefer their weirdness to be semi-relaxed, please see Goyra's World.

For further obscurities, try The Obscure Organization, which has some admittedly weird and obscure local links to the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

In case you had some niggling suspicion that science itself could get just a trifle weird, confirm your suspicions by checking out The Jackson Laboratory. This group has a page full of amazing links into the subject of Induced Mutant Resources - Transgenic and Mutant Mice. If you really want a fifteen-pound rat, this is the place to shop.

Klingon Language Institute.

Reptilian Watch. This is another top-notch "best of the weird" which only deals with things on the motif of Reptilians (and probably Reptoids as well)


Sickest Sites on the Internet. Don't say you weren't warned. This site links to some of the most bizarre, perverse, and yes, unquestionably weird stuff that's waaay "out there".

We Be Jonin' on Yo Momma! (Yo Momma So Fat, etc.).

Best of Weird

MF-47: Cosmic Truths and Top Secret Science Faction. Immense. Conspiracy Central. Hell, I might as well trash this page, I think this guy may have successfully ferreted out all of the most major weirdness on the web. Hell, he links to this site. And that is immensely weird.
Coven Pride always has some of the very best of the very weird. Top notch. For H.P. Lovecraf fans, Chamber of the Dead ought to knock yer socks off.
Larry Mulcahy's Weirdness Page. Pretty damned good for weirdness!
The Official US Government W*nkers List. Hey, this site is listed! Hmmm.
400 Links to the Paranormal. Comprehensively weird.

Jes' Plain Weird
Oh, this is prime weirdness. And if you liked that, here's some more.
Try Dr. Doc Hambone's Guide to the Insane and Enlightened.
The Borderline Personality Mailing List. Send a message that says only "subscribe BorderPD 'yourname'".
Not only weird but dangerously so - the Charlie Manson Homepage.
Few things in life can be weirder than some of the extremes to which people will stoop in the pursuit of mounting their pets to the Web. So follow some of the occasionally priceless and occasionaly amazingly weird Other Cats on the Web page. And of course, there's the Stupid Pet Photos Page.
Anathema. Pretty weird all right.
The Page of Anxiety. Chupacabras, impending planetary disaster, Nation of Islam, New World Order, Downtown Detroit Decay (there's a difference?), assaultive deer, and assorted other insane links. This is indeed, fairly damned weird.
The Jihad to Destroy Barney on the Worldwide-Web 2.0 is not weird at all. Increase your Cultural Appreciation of the War against Barney. Okay, so it may be weird after all, but it's certainly understandable.
Bert is Evil! as another thoroughly understandable cause - everyone must be warned that the Muppet Bert is Evil! Not weird at all.
If you like very good music that's undeniably weird, take a good look at the Primus Page.
Cosmic Ray Deflection Society of North America, Inc. While not utterly weird, this is still a tiny bit fringey. Ozone-layer deterioration, cosmic-ray deflection, automobile art and pictures of people in hats are among their concerns. Okay, so it is weird. But the science links are real and should definitely be followed. Once you understand the background these concerns seem slightly less weird. Except for the hats, I mean.
While not precisely weird, well, okay, it is weird... take a look at the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices.
Messily weird is the Museum of Menstruation.
Losers Are Cool 'Zine. It's definitely weird enough to suit your daily dose-o-weirdness need.
If you're feeling religious, you can take a look at the shrine of the Mutated Chihuahua.
Ebola Virus Information Headquarters. All you ever wanted to know about dying in agony with blood running out of your pores.
Useless WWW Pages. They really are useless as... well, face it, they're useless.
Far from useless, but still a little weird unless you're a durability engineer, is the Protective Paints, Coatings, Linings & Corrosion Information Server.
Try: Nekkid Wymmin by World Wide Web. With links to the Hyper-Weirdness Links.
Cult of the Dead Cow. Yup, you read that right. Check out their cDc Ninja Strike Force page. Truly odd.
Rather beyond weird is the Church of Euthanasia..
CatFaeries. I still can't figure this one out.
Mark Hughes' Weirdness Page. There's some definite and major weirdness here.
Who Is Mark Hughes?. Take a look around these pages and you may be able to find as much weirdness as you could ever need.
Weird Links. Actually, this was listed as a "weird link" on a page full of weird links. Go figger.
Geek Code. Not really weird, but what th' hell.
Cyberpunk and the New-Edge.
Priceless. This is top-notch weirdness, complete with a link to convert your home page to pig-latin. This, my friends, is Truly Weird.
Useless Wacko Page! Amazing.
Hello Kitty's Teaparty. What the hell inspired this?
"2B or not 2B" about: Spying on people on the net.
Wanking on the World Wide Web. No, seriously! You can earn up to $200 dollars a visit as a sperm donor. Of course it's probably a scam.
Speaking of scams, and weirdness, this one almost takes the cake. Take a look at the Woodside Literary Agency Case. This is seriously bizarre.
A Massive Compendium of some pags considerd odd even in eccentric-tolerant Britain.

Engineers No Longer On Prozac

In case you ever needed any proof that engineers are not quite "right", these pages provide ample proof that some people never grow up. But be thankful, or otherwise we wouldn't have the following inarguably necessary (if weird) devices.

The Gatling Spud Gun. If you want to impress your neighbors as being not only weird, but violently if harmlessly so, build one of these.
If you build one of these, the American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals will come and get you. See the amazing new concept device, the AnimalGun.
Light-Emitting Vegetable Diode. Yes, kimchi may light the way to more efficient information systems. Homegrown ones, even.
Lighting Charcoal Efficiently. This page is rightly infamous.
The Annals of Improbable Research.
Magnetic Levitation of a Frog. this is less weird than it is astounding. Magnetic levitation with superconductivity is well known, but this is the first time anyone has levitated a frog with superconducting electromagnets. One can only wonder where this will lead.
Capacitor Discharge Experiments. Loaded with links to electronic weapons!
Weird Science. Intensely weird but also very scientific.
The Electromagnetic Networks NotWorking Kit. A fine piece of weirdness, network-engineer style, from the fine people at Electromagnetic Networks. Be sure to read their Press Releases.

Physicists also have their own brand of weirdness. Please see Professor Alan Sokal rigorously proving that modern physics is all a reactionary plot.

SPAM (tm).


Brian Zeiler's UFO Resources. Brian Zeiler is one of the most prolific and knowledgeable (if a tad wacky) folks on the net when it comes to UFOs and especially when it comes to documenting "government coverups". Give this a look-see, be prepared for _reams_ of information.
Jim's UFO Page. There's some interesting tidbits and reports here, and if you go up a page from this site, there's some Chupacabras and Bigfoot stuff that's pretty cool too.
Tres Bizarre!
Parascope! Fight The Conspiracy!
UFO Folklore.
Alberta UFO Research Association.
Ovi's World of the Bizarre.
Other Paranormal Links. This one is chock-full of UFO resources!
UFOs, Political Scams and Conspiracies. Lots of fairly weird stuff here, and lots of it's not exactly weird, but sort of apocryphal. There's Scientology stuff here as well as an interesting article about demonic deception of the militial Christian Right.
Watcher's Web of Conspiracy Page. - UFOs alien globalist government conspiracies unmasked! Beyond weird!

Laziness Central

New Age Weirdness and Obscure Spiritualities

Top of the list: The Sublime Lodge of the B:.B:.. Lots and lots of links to massive infestations of spiritual weirdness and assorted other obscurities.
The Paranoid Conspiracy Cosmic Rapture 2000 Page. I think this one pretty much covers all possible approaches to weirdness. I fact, they make an extremely compelling case that UFOs and the antiChrist are not only in league, but may well be essentially the same, or different heads of the same Beast, as it were. I have no idea of whether or not any of this is intended to be taken seriously, but I think that my brain has just been infected by the Nam-Shub of Enki.
About Names. Not really weird at all, unless you're trying to come up with something suitably odd for a new child that you want to afflict for life.
Sollog Prophecy Page. Oi is dis weirdness.


Cult Central & Ritual Abuse/Satanic Ritual Abuse Resource Center

I have moved most of the cult references and resource listings to". this is now a fairly huge database and set of linkages! Includes the Arcana Search Engine.

The Conspiracy Arc-Hive. 60 greatest conspiracies and much more!

Big Brother

Black Book Online: A Guide to Free Web Based Database Searches For PI's. Simply amazing what you can find out through the Internet.
National Address Server.
Ancestry Search.
The Stalking Homepage. Just a little insight into the world of cyberstalking, as done by skip-tracers, etc.
Creepy Bastards. If you've got the bucks you can invade someone's privacy. Take a look to see just how far you can go.
CSRA Online." CSRA Online presents a unique database for people tracing on the Internet. This database consists of over 120 million names with date of birth compiled from multiple public, private, and proprietary sources. The database is continually enhanced by the integration of additional records to produce a database of exceptional breadth and depth. "
Executive RE-Search. Net monitoring. See their page for details.
Tommy's List of LiveCam Worldwide.

Eclectic and Telectric

Fiction: Futures Wild. This is mostly a pointer to some interesting dark fiction. Once you get there, please explore related pages, there's also a great deal of information accessible on PGP encryption, state of telecommunications privacy legislation, and other assorted neat stuff. One of the more intelligent web pages I have ever encountered.
The High Energy Weapons Archive.This works now. All you ever wanted to know about getting nuked.
TV Net Lobby. As if you didn't already watch the tube too much.
The Ultimate TV List: WWW Pages Resource List. Want to find the Web pages for fan clubs for almost every TV series aired? Start here.

Obscure, Weird, and Random Links:

Be advise that some of these are pretty odd, and lead to little-known corners of the cyberscape. One of these has links to a neat little page where you can spy on people drinking coffee in the student lounge.
World Power Systems' weirdly punk WWW page. A classic start-page for weird and random links.
Disney, Inc. I'm not entirely sure why I added this one, besides that I like their animated features.

More to come as soon as I find it.

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