Minecraft PrisonMinecraft prison servers are still very much in the running as among the popular modes played by minecrafters who enjoy the challenge of playing as an inmate.The journey sees the player stripped of his freedom whilst confined to a harsh environment filled with treacherous elements.
Also known as Bedrock, owing to the indestructible nature of a material obtainable only in the Minecraft Creative. The purpose of using several blocks of Bedrocks in this game is to put in place a barrier that denies passage to players out of the prison space to regain their freedom.
Actually, the road to freedom here is full of challenges and tribulations. The only way that Prison players can gain their freedom is to work their way through ranks. However, getting ranked in Prison is not as easy although if one plays in one of the best Minecraft Prison servers, the services ensure players will have only quality gaming experience.
Incarcerated Minecrafters must collect valuables in the form of gems, gold bars, ores and other precious metals and stones. They must take care not to lose them because they have to sell as many as possible to be able to rank high and earn their freedom.
Apparently, playing with a server that has Prison-friendly communities, has its advantages, Communities can help players find buyers of their valuable resources.
Minecraft servers that offer a 100% free rank system integrated as features of different game modes, including Prison are likewise helpful. Free Ranks denote that players are able to level up in higher ranks as reward for skills and hard work applied in playing a respective game; not on the amount paid in relation to the use of the server.

Examples of the Best Minecraft Prison Servers for 2023

Minecraft HumanFirst off, the first criteria for our best Prisoner server is the update in the latest 1.20 version. Although, it’s also important that a server accepts lower and older software versions and are available to multiple players playing online.
Advancius Network This server offers a free rank system as ranking are given as a form reward for the skills and hard work applied by the player rather than the amount invested server use.
Advancius Network is located in the U.S. with an uptime rate of 98.8% and a population size of 300 players.
Mystia – Regarded by players as one of the friendliest networks it is known to innovate and push for improvement based on player feedback. The Mystia Minecraft server has a population of 1,000 players providing 100% uptime support while located in Canada.
JailPrison1 – This Prison server is designed to make prison life in Bedrock even harder. It harbours different notorious characters, with which players can choose to role play as rival gang members in serious power play inside the prison environment. Players can use their alliances so they can navigate their way where deception and treachery is said to be at every corner.
Based in the UK, JailPrison1 offers additional thrill and excitement by way of Player versus Player (PvP) battles involving inmates and prison guards.